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Stevie Wonder Will Serve As Grand Marshal For 2014 Hollywood Christmas Parade

It may not even be Halloween yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start looking forward to the Christmas season! And nothing kicks off the season quite like the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade, and this year aims to be more star-studded than ever. 220 more words


Justin Bieber Gets In A Fight In Paris?

You might not want to mess with Justin Bieber, unless you want to get punched in the face.

Tuesday night in Paris, Justin got into a fight with the paparazzi hanging in front of his hotel. 77 more words


Listen To This Beautiful Ryan Adams Cover Of Foreigner's 'I Want To Know What Love Is'

“I Want to Know What Love Is” became the prototype for a successful power ballad in the 1980s. No one ever came close to repeating the success of Foreigner’s greatest hit, though several covers (Wynonna Judd, Mariah Carey) garnered some attention. 166 more words


Best And Worst Old School Halloween Candy In Your Pillow Case As A Kid

All of us remember strolling the neighborhood with family and friends on Halloween night, going from door to door expecting handfuls of your favorite candy treats. 575 more words


FUNNY! Meow Mix Country Cat Song [VIDEO]

This video is going viral. Probably because it’s ridiculously funny and well…ridiculous.  Meow Mix cat food wants you to share your own Meow Mix song.  J.R. 8 more words


Mr. Riddle- Teacher Interview


Staff Writers


El Diamante welcomes, not only new students to the campus this new school year, but we are also welcoming some excited new teachers. 237 more words


Scientists Say Mount St Helens Is Waking Up; Ready For Eruption

Something that has always fascinated me is how our Earth works. From how it spins on it’s axis to the weather patterns to volcanic eruptions, science is a part of me that I will always explore and read up on. 331 more words