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Senior Week

By Talia Charlton
Staff Writer

As the spring semester comes to an end, LIU Post students prepare to take finals and look forward
to the promise of summer vacation now lingering off… 434 more words


WhoWhatWhy: Nestlé's Colombian Problem

Switzerland’s highest court is about to decide whether top managers at Neslté – by revenue the world’s largest food company – will be investigated in connection with the murder of a former employee in Colombia.

Continue reading at  WhoWhatWhy


Te Toco La Trompeta Si Me Tocas Mi Trombón (Ñekada)

Una mujer nos llamo por que quería que le hiciéramos una broma a su amiga que estaba vendiendo una trompeta…. advertencia, nosotros somos responsables por las cosas que decimos, no por las cosas que ustedes entiendan….


Functional Food Trends for 2014

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) published insights on the top 10 functional food trends for 2014. Contributing Editor A. Elizabeth Sloan gathered data from a multitude of industry resources to come up with the following trends. 12 more words


Cameron Diaz Doesn't Use Antiperspirant & Drew Barrymore's Baby Girl - In The Hollywood Cheese

Cameron Diaz talked about grooming habits at the premiere of her movie. Plus Drew Barrymore gave birth to her second daughter yesterday.



This Chaotic Intersection In Ethiopia Will Give You An Anxiety Attack

Your car insurance rate is going to skyrocket after watching this video.

The intersection at Meskel Square in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is aptly named the most chaotic intersection in the world: there are no traffic lights, signs, or signals to help guide and control drivers, leaving motorists to devise their own route to avoid an accident. 124 more words


Oprah's Step Mom Going HAM !!

It’s getting ugly. From her ex husbands tryst with a prostitute named “One Tooth”, to Oprah and Stedman’s fake love… Barbara Winfrey is getting nasty and going HAM after Oprah kicks her out of her home! 6 more words