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Shartnell Down: Curly Haired Hockey Star Left a Parting Gift

Scott Hartnell was long thought to be the cheeriest Flyer of them all. His happy-go-lucky attitude had led him to embracing Seth Hastings’ running count of his many tumbles and founding the #HartnellDown foundation. 237 more words

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10 Deviant Obscure Carnivorous Plants

Everyone knows about the iconic Venus fly trap, and many people have heard of – or even cultivated – common sundews, pitcher plants and a few other bug-catchers, but predacious vegetation takes many forms even seasoned botanists are still puzzling over, and some have even begun to abandon flesh-eating for even odder alternatives. 1,062 more words

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9-23-2014 | Dream Fragments | Family Members Not Helping + Raw Chicken + Rats/Mice + Feces + Killing Several Men + My Cousin ME Needs A Ride + The Pot-Bellied Pig Gets Loose + The Pet Cat Summer Eating A Pork Chop = ?

I had several somewhat connected or similar dreams last night, oddly I woke up with a slight headache which is still somewhat bothering me, and even more strange was that the song… 715 more words


U.S. Waters Polluted by 10 Million Tons of Dog Poop

by Jennifer Mueller

The 78 million dogs living in the United States create 10 million tons of feces annually, polluting waterways and posing a threat to public health, according to a pet waste removal service asking Americans to pledge to… 482 more words

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Tyrannical Dust Mites

Spooned up from the depths of the earth

I grow like a bush here, fed by life-dearth

cycles, unfolding, splitting out of my skin

Evacuating past meals, and making sense of the din… 162 more words


Foster Farms = Feces, Mold, Cockroaches

After 621 people were sickened in 29 states in an outbreak that lasted nearly a year and a half, Foster Farms finally recalled its salmonella-tainted products in July. 335 more words