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Before you head out for the holiday weekend, catch up on some of the week’s economic news:

  • Congratulations, America—most of you survived tax day! If you’re getting a refund, you essentially made an interest-free loan to the government last year.
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Water Fed Poles

Question for all the WFP users. As much as i do not like using WFP’s i think i am going to have to jump on board again. 74 more words

How the big bankers have dictated government policies for the past century, no matter who is president

An excellent interview on USAWatchdog.com with the super-smart former Wall Street exec Nomi Prins about her new book, All the Presidents’ Bankers. (Or should it be: … 27 more words


Discover New Revenue Streams in the ‘FED’ and ‘SLED’ Markets

One of the best ways VARs and MSPs can grow their businesses is by expanding into new vertical markets. If you’re not yet selling to the government, this is one vertical you should seriously consider. 308 more words


Markets dig Janet Yellen's 'loose language'

The scene at the Economic Club of New York meeting today had the feel of a rock concert, but instead of T-shirts and sneakers, it was blue pin-stripes and brown wing-tips. 645 more words


Black Swan? Coincidental Lagging Index Falls to 88.6 (Like Everything Else)

The Conference Board’s Coincidental Lagging Index was released yesterday and it fell to 88.6 for February. Strangely, the S&P 500 index keeps rising as the coincidental lagging index keeps falling. 73 more words

Unconventional Monetary Policy in an Interconnected World!

I came across this news item from CNBC about Bernanke and Rajan face-off and that was enough to break the long blogging hiatus!  Rajan raises an important question that should be addressed given today’s closely connected economic systems. 540 more words