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[259] Wolff and Presad on the Fed hike, a strong dollar and emerging markets

Boom Bust, 12/2014


President Barack Obama announced on Wednesday that we will begin normalizing relations with Cuba. The deal ended 53 years of diplomatic estrangement and opens the


December 20, 2014: Do You Believe In Santa Claus (Rallies)?

This show was recorded on December 15th, before the Fed meeting and before the huge run-up at the end of the week. The show focused on the fact that the market had been falling since December 8th, which was a bad sign going into what I believe will be a weak Q1-Q2 2015. 306 more words


Fed Delays Volcker Rule, Giving Wall Street Another Holiday Gift

We all need to rally around Senator Eliabeth Warren and help her jam through the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall and be done with it. Many progressive economists had already warned us that Dodd-Frank wasn’t strong enough to prevent any real chicanery, but in light of these two new developments, it is obvious that only by resurrecting Glass-Steagal can we be safe from unecessary casino-like behavior on the part of Wall Street. 262 more words

Yellen 'unchains' stocks from oil

The stock market has finally stopped moving in lockstep with what has been a downtrend in oil prices. And one market strategist says you can thank Fed chair Janet Yellen. 307 more words


Week End Blog - Yellen to the rescue!

 This week started in the same fashion as the last one ended. Greek presidential elections, falling oil prices, and a collapsing ruble dragged equity markets down globally. 789 more words


Wild price swings -- up and down -- return to Wall Street

Ironically, the rise in volatility Wall Street strategists have been predicting for 2015, has already begun. Two straight weeks of rollercoaster-like trading in the stock market are proof. 435 more words