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Sid Salter Continues To Mislead Voters On Thad Cochran

By Ryan S. Walters

My most recent article in MCD focused on what I consider the backbone of true conservatism – a strict construction of the Constitution. 1,252 more words

Chris McDaniel

Canada on track to balance the books a year ahead of schedule: budget watchdog

OTTAWA – Canada’s budget watchdog says the country is on track to run a $3.6-billion surplus in 2014-15 — which would balance the books a year ahead of government predictions. 386 more words


Social Security Tax

The Threshold of Change

So as 1934 dawned the nation was deep in the throes of the Depression. Confidence in the old institutions was shaken. Social changes that started with the Industrial Revolution had long ago passed the point of no return. 444 more words


Education Reform

Washington is great at coming up with names for new educational initiatives, No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top. What they are not good at is creating sensible plans for educational reform. 578 more words


Obscenity Redefined

The Senator with the most obscene haircut in 2014 recently complained, again, about the “incredible and obscene” level of wealth inequality in the US.  Despite the tired nature of this old saw, Bernie himself is a key player and contributor to this obscenity, and… 1,173 more words