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Ann Coulter Wants to Drown Libertarian Voters - Jill Pyeatt

Ann Coulter, a sometime spokeswoman for the Republican Party, had some surprising comments for people who might be considering voting for a Libertarian candidate.

This is the verbiage of the last paragraph of her column from September 17th: 257 more words


Congressional fundraising tops $1 billion

House and Senate candidates have collected $1.1 billion in campaign contributions and spent more than $766 million during the first 18 months of the 2014 elections, a new analysis shows. 109 more words


The case against campaign finance limitations

Society once believed the earth was flat, that bleeding a sick person was curative and that the sun rotated around the earth. As often as we see the widely held misconceptions of the past, we are blind to their present day existence. 738 more words

Tell the Senate: Overturn Citizens United

Sign the petition:
“Corporations and the ultra-rich shouldn’t be allowed to buy our elected officials by spending unlimited amounts of money influencing elections. Pass Senate Joint Resolution 19, which would amend the Constitution and overturn… 544 more words

Sustainable Action Network

Does the Constitution protect corruption?

The Supreme Court ruled in the Citizens United case that campaign contributions are a form of free speech protected by the First Amendment.   On April 2, the Supreme Court ruled, in McCutcheon vs. 455 more words

Abuse Of Power

Why the US Chamber of Commerce Is Wrong on Citizens United | truthout

On July 12, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a 28th Amendment that would overturn Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and once again allow the states and Congress to enact fair election spending rules. 75 more words

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