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IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)

Description:   This opportunity allows IRS to provide grants to organizations to achieve the following program objectives 1) Enable the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program to extend services to underserved populations in hardest-to-reach areas, both urban and non-urban; 2) Increase the capacity to file returns electronically; 3) Heighten quality control; 4) Enhance training of volunteers; and 5) Improve significantly the accuracy rate of returns prepared at VITA sites. 356 more words

Government Organizations

IRS Low Income Tax Clinic (LITC)

Description:    Low Income Tax Clinics (LITC) represent low income taxpayers involved in controversies with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), educate individuals who speak English as a second language (ESL) about their rights and responsibilities as taxpayers, or both. 298 more words

Express Language For Legal Aid

LLC Operating Agreements - For S Corp Treatment, That's Not Boilerplate!

Two more anecdotes from the trenches for this week - today, parts of LLC Operating Agreement, and later this week contracts (especially commercial contracts) that some businesspeople, or general attorneys, may be tempted to speed through as “boilerplate.”  They can have critically important ramifications on money  (maybe YOUR money) – they are not boilerplate. 199 more words

What is in YOUR Taxpayer Bill of Rights?

There are plenty of jokes going around about death and taxes and the bad old IRS, but don’t laugh quite yet – there IS a Taxpayer Bill of Rights, and I think that all taxpayers should be aware of it for a few reasons.   353 more words

How Do I Get [My Partner] Out of This LLC? Michigan LLC Member Withdrawals - or Not

I’ve heard this question from several clients over the years, on both the LLC member, and the LLC management, side.  How to get out, or get someone else out, of a LLC when there is no Operating Agreement, or no provision in an existing Agreement that allows for a mandatory buy-sell at the right time?   337 more words