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"Mental Health Advocates Rally Behind New Bill"

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This January 27, 2015 article by Kimberly Leonard on the US News website talks about Rep. Tim Murphy’s mental health reform bill, and other related thoughts about the treatment of people with mental illnesses.

Mental Health

“The Un-United Kingdom”

“The Un-United Kingdom” @rwscarter

September 16, 2014 :



In a few days, Scotland may be waving ‘Goodbye’ to her brothers and sisters across the United Kingdom. 672 more words


Forbidden Fruit, the interesting story of the currant and pine trees (Ribes genus)

At 22 years old, I first heard of this family of fruits. Geography of Wine actually fulfilled one of my core elective requirements for my degree. 613 more words


Feds drop forfeiture case led by Obama AG pick Lynch

Good to know that our future AG only took three years to determine that a vending machine company has large cash deposits and it had nothing to do with drugs. 26 more words

Spy agency CSE is monitoring our private online activities and sharing sensitive data with other governments

Canadian spy agency Communications Security Establishment (CSE) has been caught monitoring over 100 popular file-storage websites, spying on millions of downloads a day, with Canadian Internet addresses among the targets. 409 more words


You just can't fix stupid....

I kind of feel sorry for Peta Credlin. It’s looking likely that she’ll be a casualty after the whole TA knighting a prince debacles. Word on the street is that she’s a strong woman who is just trying her best to try and stop TA from shooting himself in the foot. 343 more words