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In Class Monday: Federalists v. Anti-Federalists


Today we opened with a video about the Federalists and Anti-Federalists.

Activity 1:

We put ourselves into chronological order for the Influential forms of Government from Magna Carta to the Bill of Rights. 75 more words

Weinmann's Class

Rhetoric of our Founding Fathers

When one sees the elections of today, they think of the rhetoric that is being thrown at both sides. Every election seems to get worse and worse. 1,807 more words

US History

Curiosity, Politics, Shhh...

The daughter I mentioned having in another post, who was, in that one–for narrative purposes–almost eleven, is, as it turns out, actually eleven now and has started acting more–yawn–socially aware. 281 more words


Worst of Friends - Perfect Picture Book Friday

I combed through Susanna Leonard Hill‘s nonfiction picture books and couldn’t believe “Worst of Friends”¬† hadn’t been reviewed! So here goes…

“Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were the best of friends, even though they were completely different.” … 214 more words