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thankfulness {and awfulness}

Thanksgiving is a joyous time of year. It’s a time of year that we gather with family and friends, shop for the perfect gift for loved ones, and listen to music specific to the holiday season. 394 more words

He will {hold me fast}

Sometimes conversation and talking won’t due. Sometimes just a hymn read out loud or sung in the care can make the entire day change direction. This week my song has been… 344 more words


3 things {though He slay me, encourage me, give me good gifts}

  1. Morning and Evening is a favorite. Then you add some Alistair Begg into the mix and it’s just a big gift from the Lord in between two covers.
  2. 246 more words

when busyness is the goal {but not His}

Busyness is a virtue in the city I live in. it’s as though it means you are highly valued. This season of unemployment has been quite revealing that way to me. 724 more words