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3 things {though He slay me, encourage me, give me good gifts}

  1. Morning and Evening is a favorite. Then you add some Alistair Begg into the mix and it’s just a big gift from the Lord in between two covers.
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when busyness is the goal {but not His}

Busyness is a virtue in the city I live in. it’s as though it means you are highly valued. This season of unemployment has been quite revealing that way to me. 724 more words


prayer {don't give up}

While I’ve only been a Christian for a little over half my life, I’ve never heard anyone say they have reached as far as they can get with prayer. 473 more words

How to "resync" commits in GitLab after fetching from remote repository?

I’ve created GitLab project by cloning remote repository. During a few days my colleagues pushed their commits to the original repository (not GitLab). Now I did ‘git fetch –all’ from GitLab repository but commits do not show in GitLab web UI. 50 more words