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According to Sen. Harry Reid, I'm a domestic terrorist

By Murray Montgomery
(Lone Star Diary)

Funny, I’ve always thought of myself as a fairly law-abiding fellow – but I guess not, because Sen. Harry Reid recently called me and millions of other Americans like me, “domestic terrorists.” 391 more words

Harry Reid says "It's not the end" regarding the BLM/Rancher #NevadaStandoff


N4TM Commentary:

Waaahh? That’s Cliven Bundy?! I had not seen one video yet of this crazy guy. Wow, so Reid is going to fight an old cowboy who’s demanding the FEDS do as he (we the people) say? 470 more words

Cliven Bundy or Holy Cow!

Have any of you followed this Cliven Bundy thing?

This just has distraction written all over it.  Why do I say this?

This guy has been letting his cattle graze where ever for over twenty years.  482 more words

Time To Flush A Turd.

Glenn Beck’s masters who are freaked out from ‘the people’ standing up to a corrupt federal government out in Nevada has Glenn’s panties all in a bunch. 315 more words

Amusing Update from Morocco by Removing the Shackles

The ongoing tale of a group of people who were thrown together to follow their nudges from the Universe;not simply go around the cabal, but THROUGH them—with flair and humour. 535 more words

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