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T-Mobile Reaches $90 million Settlement Over Cramming

According to CNET, T-Mobile will pay at least $90 million to settle a complaint filed against it by the Federal Trade Commission, which accuses T-Mobile of cramming unwanted charges on customer bills. 138 more words

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‘Paranoid’ Teresa Giudice Telling Friends Her Phones Are Tapped!

Friends are concerned that Teresa Giudice from ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ is tipping over the edge, a friend recently confidentially said, “In the past several weeks, Teresa has been buying disposable cell phones, and keeps conversations very short,”. 100 more words


Federal Agents Raid Joe and Teresa Giudice's Home, Seizing Cash & Christmas Gifts

A raid by Federal Agents came after the Real Housewives of New Jersey couple failed to “submit any payment plan for the outstanding $214,000 they owe in restitution,”. 54 more words


Feds probing Seattle schools’ treatment of black students ~~ update


As the U.S. Department of Education investigates whether Seattle Public Schools discriminated against African-American students by disciplining them more frequently and more harshly, Superintendent José Banda promises to find solutions. 820 more words

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Do This Means No More Racial Profiling?? Federal Law Pass (Restrictions inside)

After a lengthy review of racial and ethnic profiling in federal law enforcement policy, the Obama administration has decided to allow the practice to continue in immigration law enforcement: 1,388 more words


What Is The 'Feds' Button & How Does It Work?

Here’s a quick breakdown on the ‘Feds’ button that you’ve all been wondering about;

  • Complete ‘Jingle Bell Wreck Pt. 9′
  • Get Homer to call the ‘Feds’
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Final December Meeting of Council

So I apologize for not getting to this sooner, but life has been hectic.  We had our final Council meeting for the Fall term this past Sunday, and oh man, were there a lot of items on that agenda. 490 more words

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