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What created the Federal Reserve?

Many of us are probably familiar with the term “Quantitative Easing” by now but what about the institution behind it? Before I dive into the system of the Federal Reserve, I would like to discuss about the history behind the Federal Reserve Act. 685 more words


Coupons are the only money you can print at home without the Feds getting involved.

“Coupons are the only money you can print at home without the Feds getting involved.”

Multiple Grow Operations Raided in Colorado

Federal law enforcement officials, along with local Denver police, raided grow operation facilities in Colorado recently, in connection with illegal sales that occurred in Minnesota… 417 more words

Medical Marijuana

New Rules to Make Prepaid Cards Safer Considered

NEW YORK — The federal government is trying to make sure more prepaid card users can swipe in safety.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed a series of new rules that will give prepaid card users many of the same protections they would get with a bank account or credit card. 358 more words


In Memoriam of Executive Order number: today's symbolic date (11/10)

Today’s date represents the symbolic number of the most significant Executive Order by a president in American history.

So In Memoriam of EO#1110, I’d like to share the preview of one of my upcoming posts about fiat money, its creation, resultive debt and financial crises. 360 more words


Feds Prep Next Attack on Bundy Ranch

The FEDs are on the offensive once again – the target – BUNDY RANCH. We knew it wouldn’t be long after the Bureau of Land Management’s embarrassing retreat for them to regroup and return with a new strategy. 157 more words