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Green & Co and NatWest's Renewable Energy Seminar

Coverage of our Renewable Energy Seminar held in conjunction with NatWest features in the South Wales Argus:


Globe and Mail - Advanced Energy - "A new role for First Nations: power generation"

We are little behind-hand in posting this link to an article, “A new role for First Nations: power generation“, that appeared in the Globe and Mail,  Advanced Energy from GE Innovation back in September 2014. 55 more words


Origin Energy and the on-going Solar F.I.T. debacle

I’ve had solar hot water since July 2011, and solar panels since November of the same year, but the experience has not been all sweetness and sustainability. 336 more words

My Soap Box

Gosling on community renewable energy co-operatives

In the News some time ago, Paul Gosling said that reducing energy consumption in order to cut carbon emissions – thereby mitigating climate change – is one of the major political, social and economic challenges of our age. 296 more words

Co-operative Movement

Your Money’s Better on your Roof than in the Bank!

Three years ago, the cost of a solar electric panel (PV) array on a roof was about £4000 per kW installed. The feed in tariff was 45p per kW generated. 424 more words

Derbyshire County

Steal My Sunshine

For everyone who worked in education, July was a time for rejoicing and not just because schools were breaking up for the year. Michael Gove had been relieved of his duties and although much of the damage had already been done, at least it gave everyone some respite. 1,243 more words