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Dill Turkey Salad Wraps

Growing up, my mom always did a phenomenal job of making our family healthy, delicious meals. Some recipes were from family or friends, while others came from her magazines and cookbooks.   185 more words

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Sufi's lunch: Fried green tomatoes

Hello, faithful fans. I’m trying out a new feature showcasing what I’m feeding my 18-month-old son Sufi. He’s finally at an age where he can eat most things and meals consist of something more than a bite or two. 715 more words

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Is frozen food killing dining?

Mark Bittman has a great rant on the fall of Parisian cuisine in the New York Times that’s worth a read, even if you’ll never go to Paris. 364 more words

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Jon Gooch, the man that brought us some of the best drum and bass tunes ever as Spor - and also some of the most recognisable and downright catchy dubstep and electro house tracks like  524 more words


Where Is Your Greatness

We all have gifts and talents, all of us. Those brave souls who use their gifts and talents to see their dreams come to life are no different from you or me. 18 more words

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Feed Me - Feed Me's Psychedelic Journey EP

In May of 2013, Feed Me decided to call it quits from DJing for a while. He was quoted saying, “I’ve got a pressing feeling that it’s not what I’m supposed to be doing.” This was quite a shock to the EDM community, but after hearing his latest releases, we can understand more about why he made that decision. 135 more words


Uber Easy Salsa--Hubby Approved! :)

The other day, I got a little dinky blender. I did not have a decent one before and I was really wanting  to make new things. 132 more words