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Felix the French alley cat of Sydney

Well well well, would you look who it is!? It’s the Life and Times back up and running again, who would’ve thought it? Hope everyone missed me and apologies for the complete lack of blog action. 715 more words


Science Validates The Role Of Snacks In Keeping Couples From Going To Bed "Hangry"

You know that feeling where if you don’t get something in your stomach right this very minute you are going to chuck the entire contents of this dresser against the wall, so help me? 359 more words

Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes

Spring is starting to show its beautiful, sunny face!  To me, spring means a lot of things, including fresh and light recipes, sunshine, and people crawling out of winter hibernation to meet up for brunch and drinks on the patio.   388 more words

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Hallo im Frühling! Der ist zwar schon etwas länger, aber Spargel ist noch schwer zu kriegen. Meine Mutter hat trotzdem einen gefunden und ich zeige euch heute ihr Rezept für Spargelrisotto. 415 more words


Nursing: A Fountain of Boobajuice

WARNING: There’s a boob pic in this post (but no worse than you’d see in an underwear ad on the side of a bus, so don’t panic) 760 more words


Ummm, I Think Not

I met up with an old college friend for dinner tonight. When the waitress brought out our food, she brought out a platter of humus with veggies and a hamburger with fries. 56 more words

Creamy Veggie Lasagna

The April issue of Cooking Light is all about spring-time eats.  After a long, cold winter, flipping through those pages was just what I needed!  I couldn’t wait to try… 901 more words

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