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Tips for Reducing Feed Costs in Grower-Finisher Barns

Timely feeder management and maintenance of feeding systems can reduce feed costs — the largest expense of a grower-finisher operation. On most farms, feed cost can range from 65%–75% of the total cost to produce a grower-finisher pig to market weight. 54 more words


Drinks That Promote Brain Health

I recently came across this article about some psychoactive drinks that are believed to have a positive effect on cognitive health. I was amazed by this article and thought it would be nice to share it here. 35 more words

Steps in Choosing the Right Math Tutor

I totally agree that choosing the right math tutor sis very important especially when the student is having difficulties learning and understanding the subject. Well, there are actually many math tutors out there but they do not offer the same quality of tutorial services. 40 more words

Fun in Piano Playing

I’ve spent most of my life playing piano and every moment has been nothing but amazing. In addition to playing the instrument and teaching my students, I also spend time in researching interesting topics about piano. 44 more words

Safety Tips for Condo Owners

The tight security is one of the features of condominiums. Many people prefer condominiums mainly because they already have the security features that are too expensive if maintained individually in houses. 49 more words

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Why is it important to look for non-GMO feeds?

Many of the trends in human food consumption make their ways to feeds designed for poultry and livestock. Owners of these species who consider the species pets follow the trends because they wouldn’t feed their feathered or furry friends inconsistently with their own food intake standards. 272 more words

Organic Movement

Feed the Dark

Taking her higher, but lost the way,

That light would shine its golden ray.

Darkness reached her heart and soul,

Blind to know what to do at all. 45 more words