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Success to the successful - a design opportunity

In one of Donella Meadows lectures she introduced the trap of systems where there is ‘success to the successful’. Otherwise known as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. 669 more words

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Systems Theory

By Gordon Rugg

Systems theory is about what happens when individual items are connected and become a system. “Items” in this context can be anything physical and/or abstract, which gives you a pretty huge scope. 3,503 more words


The Energy Predicament

>Reposted from Shift Magazine

A Complex Predicament: How Our Energy, Economic and Ecological Systems are Connected: Feedback loops, the Jevons Paradox, and the three End Games… 1,886 more words

Climate Change

Climate Change Summary

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This is a detailed and link-heavy summary of the research into climate change to date. It makes for grim reading but it’s worth working your way through it. 10,546 more words