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Day 715: What a pill

I don’t like taking pills.

A new cardiologist I saw yesterday suggested that I take two new pills, as a possible way to relieve effects of my leaky heart valve and to postpone — or even avoid! 705 more words

Personal Growth

APES - Feedback Loops

Complete in-class. If not finished in class, complete for Monday.

What are positive and negative feedback loops? Where do you see positive feedback loops occurring in the ecosystems in terms of the biogeochemical cycles? Why?

AP Environmental Science

minding mind minding


How can the mind study itself?


How can it not?

Honeycomium. WTF. A truly analog experience.

What singers don’t know about howling mikes

Have you ever noticed in Karaoke bars when a singer takes the microphone and it starts howling, the ones that don’t know try to cover the mike with their hand and the feedback gets worse? 462 more words