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Plug In Baby - Song Of The Day

The lead single from Muse‘s 2001 album Origin Of Symmetry, “Plug In Baby” was the band’s biggest hit at the time and it certainly helped put them on the map. 72 more words


Still Alive - Song Of The Day

Here’s one for gamers.

Portal was one of the most original new games out there when it came out a few years ago and, among the many things we took from it, was a song which ended the game in style. 87 more words


Collisions - Album Review

The fourth album from New York-based indie rock band Calla, Collisions was one of my personal favourite albums to come out of 2005. Unfamiliar with the band at the time, this came pretty much out of nowhere and quietly blew me away. 586 more words


Safari - Song Of The Day

While many remember The Breeders‘ iconic Buffy The Vampire Slayer theme more than the band itself, the 90′s grunge band produced a lot of good stuff prior to that including an EP with the song “Safari” on it. 71 more words


Devil Soldier - Album Review

The first Japanese heavy metal band to be signed by a major record label in the U.S., Loudness was formed in the early 80′s and has since enjoyed a lasting career with a huge range of albums to their name. 532 more words


Smooth Criminal - Song Of The Day

It’s been a long time coming but finally, Michael Jackson gets a Song Of The Day. The song in question is none other than the classic “Smooth Criminal” from the iconic 1987 album… 92 more words