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My First Pumpclip (Saltaire NCB2014)

This was the pumpclip for the Saltaire bar beer -  with a lovingly drawn illustration by my very talented wife.  I wanted to do something a bit different, but at least halfway to being something you might see in a real bar/pub. 269 more words


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Feedback required please

I am currently enrolled in the Blogging 201 workshop run by the guys at WordPress. This particular workshop is all about branding and growth of your blog. 441 more words

Blogging 201

Complex Conversations

You show up at a party and hear a barrage of conversation: laughter from the kitchen, political banter in the front room and an epic story rolling along in the bedroom. 394 more words

Complex Systems

The Groundswell Inside Your Company...

Groundswell can be used within a company in order to improve communication with your employees. The same trends that empower customers in the groundswell also applies to employees in a company. 373 more words

Why So Serious?

-Stay tuned! I wanna know your answer to the question at the end-There’s been something I’ve noticed upon stumbling clumsily into the blogging universe. I’ve seen many blogs either specialize in a certain area or write very serious stories. 112 more words

Change in Design

I grew bored of my old blog theme and decided to go for a change. A more colorful, retro, modern look and a combination of contrasts. 7 more words