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Response to a hater

I wasn’t going to respond to these comments, as they are so hateful and nasty. I didn’t really think they warranted a response from someone who doesn’t even have the balls to put their real name to them. 771 more words

JET Programme

Please would you be so kind...

To my lovely readers, thank you for reading my blog.

I was wondering if you would be so kind as to give me some feedback on my blog. 11 more words

My Life

Feedback Frenzy and The Editing Process

I simultaneously love and hate getting feedback on my books from my friends. First, if you are one of the friends who has given me feedback, good or bad, thank you. 585 more words

Feedback #4: Nokia Case

Feedback given to Milan Veselinov


Dear Milan:

I like the way you explain the legitimacy of Nokia through your example of PR and how the information was used several years ago, even before the internet. 436 more words


Feedback A05 TR

cut-and-paste slug:

Instead of individual Replies that only one student is likely to read, I’ve decided to post feedback for all my TR students in one location so you can all see how my comments to you compare with my comments to others. 1,626 more words


Feedback #3 SES

Feedback given to Jorinde Vernooj about SES


Dear Jorinde: I think the example you used fits perfectly to explain SES. I also found really interesting that China produces 95% of rare earth elements. 148 more words