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PEOPLE FOOD: Things You Said I Couldn't Feed My Pet (#RAGE)

The video gets the message across so by all means let your eyes be engaged. But, if you prefer, here’s the text rundown as well: 138 more words

Camping at Taunton Farm, Margaret River, Western Australia

Now I’m not a real fan camping but we try and go once every couple of years as our girls enjoy the experience. The last time we went, we decided on a camp site near Margaret River called Taunton Farm. 70 more words


Feeding Goats!

Today, I went to a little dairy farm with my boyfriend to feed goats! We had so much fun; they gobbled the food like crazy. They stuck out their tongues and slurped it up out of our hands. 22 more words

Animals in winter

Winter is really cold and very windy, icy.  Animals have hard time to find food. We have to help them look for food and get water. 65 more words

Saving Animals