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Lizzy loves yogurt and she’s working on utensils. Sometimes she gets them, sometimes she doesn’t.


Serious eating

Sometimes Lizzy eats like the food might try to run away. She starts off trying to use utensils, then goes “nope! Face stuffing time!”



Before my daughter was born I had plans of nursing her for the first year. Being a first time mom I knew I felt strongly about nursing and wanted to give my daughter the best start in life. 717 more words

Feeding Baby

My baby's £90-a-month addiction

We all do our very best to keep our babies happy. But I was forced to draw the line and curtail one of my baby’s simple pleasures this winter; blueberries. 340 more words


Open Wide For Chunky!

The other day I was sitting down trying to feed my little guy and as any parent will tell you, feeding a baby real food is one of the most annoying and frustrating things you can do with your baby.   239 more words


Eating with a fork

Lizzy hates (HATES) meat products. She turns down pretty much anything but turkey dogs. But, I’ve found that if you offer her meat and a fork, she’ll actually eat it!