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Nursing Woes-I Can't Keep up

Nursing Woes- I can’t keep up

Until recently my daughter was exclusively nursed, she is now 5 months old. I love nursing her because I feel strongly that it is the best thing for her and the bonding time is amazing. 839 more words

Feeding Baby

Feeding Baby Series post #3

Okay folks, like I said when I began searching for people to participate in this series, this is about feeding your baby…whether that’s by breastfeeding, or formula..or both! 635 more words

Breast feeding is best

I’m sure you’ve all heard that besides giving life to our children the number 1 thing we can do for them is breast feed. Now this next statement will probably upset some folks, but as a mother if you can physically breast feed, but choose not to, I am seriously wondering why. 359 more words


We Eat/She Eats & Holiday Sneak Peek

The last few weeks have been such a blur of just trying to get through, that it was really nice to sit down with Jason on Thursday night and plan out a week of meals we were excited to cook/eat.  397 more words


Starting on solids

We started Joy on solids when she was about 6 months old, so it’s been 2 months now, and it’s been so fun! It brings me back to the happy times as a kid to mash up my food. 817 more words


hanging out over on "hey ho away we go"

an old one and one of my forever favorite ones

today, i am honored and delighted to participate in my friend kate davis’ series, “feeding baby” 159 more words