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Yummy applesauce

Lizzy loves feeding herself applesauce. She’s getting really good at it!!



Lizzy loved spaghetti! She was sleepy though and it turned into quite a mess!


Toddler Muffins

Being a working mom with a child who no longer eats baby food can be kind of tough. You either cook them breakfast and lunch everyday or you find an alternative. 211 more words

Feeding Baby

We Eat/She Eats - Feeding a Tiny Tummy

One of the biggest challenges of having a growing little person in our lives has been meeting her dietary needs as she’s transitioned from nursing to solid foods.  505 more words


interview with dr tammy hume: first solids to toddler nutrition & everything in between

So, I’m just going to put the question out there – Am I the only one who has found it difficult to introduce solids to my baby? 2,444 more words


Baby brother

Sweet Potato has a new baby brother.  While we were expecting, we’d ask her what we should name him. One of Sweet Potato’s actual suggestions was “Eggplant Tomato”. 405 more words

Feeding Baby

The Twins and Solid Food Feedings...Aka Baby Food, Baby Food EVERYWHERE

One of the questions I have come across with the twins is how to feed them in the most efficient manner. Solid food has renewed that challenge. 387 more words