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PEG Gastric Tube

PEG tube or Percutaneous Endoscope Gastronomy 

This is a feeding tube, which allows liquid feed, water and medication  directly into the stomach. It is used when people have difficulty swallowing and are prone to choking. 559 more words


Month Number 3

As the long weekend comes to an end, month 3 as a new mom does as well.

This past month was mostly dedicated to finding some semblance of a rythym…so I’m definitely get a longer sleep sometime at night, although, I never really know what time it’ll be at.   533 more words

Breast Feeding

Keeping hummingbird feeders clean

If you’re like me, you’ve got a collection of toothbrushes, baby bottle brushes, and even well-washed mascara brushes sitting next to your kitchen sink for cleaning hummingbird feeders. 468 more words


A Ten Month Old Can Save Your Heart

When I restarted this blog I made a commitment to continue to keep sharing little parts of our lives. I’ve found tons of stories because, being a Catholic dad of two girls is quite a ride. 871 more words

General Thoughts

Hapalopus sp. Columbia - The "Pumpkin Patch"

A gorgeous little dwarf tarantula with plenty of attitude!

I was first introduced to this amazing little species by a Viper69, a member of the Arachnoboards forum. 612 more words


Search Roundup: Feeding hummingbirds

Some recent searches on the theme of what to put in hummingbird feeders:

“can you make hummingbird food with brown sugar”

Please don’t try this. Brown sugar contains… 507 more words