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Breakfast is SERVED.

I was chatting with my friends the other day about how basic diets and meals differ across continents. We unanimously agreed that Nigeria does not have a traditional breakfast meal that cuts across every tribe. 437 more words


Luke 9:13 Give Them Food

“He replied, You give them something to eat. They answered, We have only five loaves of bread and two fish–unless we go and buy food for all this crowd.” Luke 9:13… 396 more words


Bottle feeding woes

My maternity leave is just about to end and my little one is having a hard time taking the bottle. I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding her for almost two months now and she refuses to drink from it – and not just a simple refusal. 336 more words


goodbye dream feed, hello food-food

22 weeks

I don’t want to brag or anything but you are amazing.

Last week, as you we struggled with some nighttime waking magically reversed by Baby Merlin’s Magic (they don’t call it that for nothing) Sleepsuit, we also were working to wean you from your “dream feed.” 925 more words


feeding trolls

Something occurred to me this morning. Something I used to think every second of everyday before I began my positive thinking.

People are mean.

Well, they can be. 202 more words