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They're Big...

My favorite blonde cowgirl spent a significant amount of time with me at the feed yard over Thanksgiving vacation. One morning, as we were asking a group of calves to build confidence walking past a handler in the corral area, a few of the animals spooked suddenly. 638 more words


The Culture of Meat...

In addition to discussing food/meat in the written word, National Geographic is also doing a television series entitled “Eat: The Story of Food”. The second episode… 634 more words


Carnivore's Dilemma...

When I was back in Florida a couple of weeks ago for my grandmother’s funeral, my Godmother asked me if I had read the November issue of National Geographic.  564 more words


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When I read the Carnivore's Dilemma by National Geographic I was pleased to see that it was fairly written, discussing both sides of meat production. I thought it also did a good job of presenting information about growth promoting hormones, antibiotics, feedlots, humane harvest, and more. I think Anne's message about the article is spot on and I encourage you to read her blog post.

Lambs on feed--and the livin' is easy...

Last month, we loaded almost all of our lambs onto trucks and sent them to a feedlot in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming.  It is time for the ewes to be lamb-free for a couple of months so that they will be ready for the winter months, and their future liasons with bucks. 73 more words


Weekend Madness to Picture Butte part 3

Since we were on Mexican time the night before and had been up way too late eating those tacos, we couldn’t help but sleep in a bit. 1,140 more words