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Weekend Madness to Picture Butte part 3

Since we were on Mexican time the night before and had been up way too late eating those tacos, we couldn’t help but sleep in a bit. 1,140 more words


Connecting the Dots...

The vast majority of cattle have more than one address during their lifetime.  This occurs because of the long life cycle of a bovine as well as the diverse resources needed to grow beef.  567 more words


How One Okie Cattlemen Raises Beef

One of the most exciting things about agriculture is how vastly different every farmer and ranchers runs their operation.  A beef cattle farmer in Vermont raises their cattle very differently than a rancher in Wyoming or Florida, neither are right and neither are wrong, they’re simply different.  1,061 more words

Preparing For the Fall Run...

The month of August can mostly be described as the calm before the storm at the feed yard. It is during this time that we finish up maintenance projects in preparation for… 463 more words


The Beef Lifecycle: From Farm to Fork

The beef lifecycle is perhaps one of the most unique and complex lifecycles of any food. It takes anywhere from 2-3 years to bring beef from farm to fork. 690 more words