... on maine interrupted

In addition to being ocean-y here, it is also pine-y.

There is something so deeply ingrained in my psyche about the combination of pine trees and a rocky shore (really it’s more ‘boulder-y’… Rocky would be different. 798 more words

Just Ponderin'

Documentary Screening & Photo Contest

Join the Front Street Animal Shelter at the Sierra II Community Center theater TONIGHT, Thursday, July 10th, for a special screening of Nathan Winograd’s ‘Redemption, The No Kill Revolution in America’. 96 more words



I just had a very relaxing weekend with bambinas. Aside from her usual toddler antics, she was miss Helpful and miss Cute.
We volunteer together as ‘grounds crew’ at her preschool. 255 more words

Funeral Director

Smooth Sailing FD

I managed to get the weeds out of my onions! 

Another task off my list this week. Check!!


And while I was at it…. 204 more words


Garden(s!) Update Picture Post!!

I shouldn’t have to say much here, lucky for you, :)

My Market Garden:

So much more (peppers, squash, muskmelon, garlic) and…

My “Wild” Garden and Pet Cemetery, and the Original Garden (but look gotta look closely to find the goods!!): 261 more words


Funeral Frenzy Series One, Post Two

I’m entering into my 14th year as a licensed funeral director in Ontario (very tiny spec in the universe).

time flies, right?

Over the years, people have often asked me these 3 questions: “how does someone decide to do your job?”, “ 1,053 more words


... on the gift of a talisman

I totally believe there is good in the world. Hence, one might believe I don’t have to wear this particular trinket all around with me every day. 957 more words

Just Ponderin'