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Happy Birthday, Patrick! He's the World's Oldest Wombat

Patrick (featured previously) celebrated his 29th birthday this week at his home in Ballarat Wildlife Park.  He was feted with special treats and oodles of attention. 57 more words

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It Doesn't Take a Panda Bear to Save a Species

Just ask the late Nez Perce elder Elmer Crow Jr.  The tribal elder has watched the animal diversity change drastically following the installation of the dams along the Snake and Columbia rivers in Idaho.  262 more words

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Twins for Rarest Lemur Species!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Grey, a mated pair of Alaotran Gentle Lemur who welcomed twins this August at Bristol Zoo!  The newborns not only are adorable but vital to their species survival. 116 more words

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Moving to Maui

We had an opportunity to temporarily move to Maui and I find myself back at the closet looking at what I want to take and how I’m going to pack it. 351 more words


Preventing Grey Hair

While it is sure that we all must grow old and when we do, grey hairs are inevitable. While some people have successfully prevented grey hair, many others only end up complete opposite. 382 more words


H2O: Drink more

Before we get started on any foodie business I want to post about something even more important, which we so often take for granted: water… 622 more words

5 things you must do Every Morning to Have a Great day

Want to look good and feel good throughout the day? Your answer is sure to be yes! Let me ask you then this question what do you do every morning when you wake up? 269 more words