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Feeling Good

A triumphant moment of my own yesterday in combination with something a friend said to me earlier today started the locomotion of the wheels in my brain. 1,291 more words


November 26th - Alice in Wonderland story first seen - "A very merry unbirthday"

In 1862, the manuscript for #AliceInWonderland was sent as a Christmas present.  So today must by its #Unbirthday#singing;#feelgood

The Unbirthday Song

A very merry unbirthday to me… 198 more words

Feel Good

Our Jimmy Fallon Thank You Notes

In honor of Thanksgiving, we thought we’d share a couple thank you cards (ala Jimmy Fallon style) that we’d send if we could. Cue the music… 89 more words

Feel Good

You can bring an Upliftment

We appreciate your presence and your basking.
We will say to you that we wish for you to recognize the benefit to the group that you give through that basking, that vibration, that presence. 85 more words

Daily Quote

The science of happiness by Dan Gilbert - at TED

Dan Gilbert is talking at TED about the surprising science of happiness. Dan Gilbert is the author of Stumbling on Happiness. He challenges the idea that we’ll be miserable if we don’t get what we want. 25 more words

About Happiness

Morning affirmations full of light and blissfulenss

These affirmations will lift your state of being immediately. The beautiful universe responds to our happy vibration and will correspond to your song swiftly. No matter what your circumstances are, all that matters is your state of being. 981 more words

Positive Emotions