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Are you going to let fear determine your destiny?

I am so passionate about this topic!

Mind (Decision, Focus and Belief) + Body (Energy, Vibrations + Action) +
Soul (Inspiration, Trust & Love) will lead you to your desired outcome.
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Three Things You Can Do Right Now To Stop Procrastinating

Let’s be honest. You know there is something you should be doing right now in your life, in your business, in your relationship, with your health… But the only thing you’re ACTUALLY doing is keeping your seat warm. 917 more words

"by Ivan Siladji"

And yet more poetry....

So, a month or two ago I wrote a poem. (See post entitled poetry). I was asked to perform this poem at a festival and given a 15 minute slot, so I started to polish some musings I had on my phone and they became whole. 423 more words

Business Profile: Jess Ball, Creative Soul Coaching

We’re proud to introduce the talented and lovely Jess Ball of Creative Soul Coaching. Jess has an exceptional resume of experience in the publicity and promotions industry, but now she is following her passion and her calling to help others to find their voice. 1,707 more words

Jim and the comic book 

This is the story of Jim. Jim was a mild mannered man, who went to work every day, sat at his desk and did his job. 963 more words