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By the Salt Water

I close my eyes to the storm,

feeling the  salt in the air.

And as the waves crash down,

I finally feel



Birdwatch to Increase Bandwidth?

My father and I drove to High Island today to check out the spring migration of birds from Central and South America.  High Island is the first piece of land many of these birds encounter after flying over the Gulf of Mexico.   597 more words


What more could she want...

She was alive. I mean really, really alive. Well, she had proof after all. Her heart beat. Air flowed in and out of her lungs. She could feel the blood surge at each of her pulse points. 373 more words

Erotic Fiction

Finding the Joy in a Gloomy Day of Travel

April 10, 2014
“I don’t want you to hide any aspect of your being, not just for your life but for mine also. If you allow your strangeness to strut around in broad daylight, you invite mine to come out to play, too. 427 more words

Peace Corps Paraguay

One ordinary day

If my child asks me

why I am doing what I am doing,

I’d answer this way:

“I chose to do what I am doing… 48 more words

C'est La Vie

Full-ness of Life, Living Fully

Life is full of amazing experiences. Large, medium or small, all are big. Being aware of life’s full-ness keeps me motivated, contented, excited and alive. 673 more words

Single Mothers

New Beginnings

On a cold spring night, with droplets pounding the windows like sleet and the clock settling its hands somewhere between three and four in the morning, this blog, which has only before existed in fleeting, wispy thoughts, has finally found solid life beneath my fingertips. 21 more words