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The Tiffin

Nothing spells ‘alive’ like a hot, home cooked curry.

Imagine sitting at your cubicle at work, your tummy just about to grumble for its midday meal, and in rolls lunch. 631 more words

Writer Alarna Rose Gray

bailes improvisados


summer looms over, with its mighty air

and we rush, tremble into the dead of the night

foolishly eager to get burned


entangle ourselves in a stranger’s loving… 62 more words

Shall We Dance?

I was channel hopping this evening and one of my all time fav movies was on!!! Watching it makes me smile! Dancing makes me feel alive. 109 more words


I'll Tell You Mine, If You Tell Me Yours

What is the scariest moment (not time) in your life? Did you feel the most alive & present in that moment? I did. It was tragic. 14 more words

How it's Done.

As I walk up the stairs, I reflect on the night.

I unlock the door to my apartment and step inside. Hang my hat & coat, crouch down and give the expected love to Ruby as she walks between my legs slowly, offering up her entire body bit by slow bit to my hands and docking her head in my crotch. 240 more words


Picture This

Keisha Segui

Picture this: its 7:45 pm. You’re in your car, driving, on your way home from school. You were in school for nearly 12 hours and ended the day with an exam that you studied all night for, but ended up finding difficult anyway. 189 more words

Day 15: Shuffles

This brings me back to my basketball days. Also, my long time, on and off, personal trainer, Carol, would be proud!

In total I did about 20 pairs of shuffles! 84 more words