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This summer has been quite a humbling experience for me. I don’t think I did so hot in one of those courses I took the first six weeks, and I’m pretty sure I’m about to get shat on and lose that RA thing with Priya tomorrow. 408 more words


Maybe It's Time To Let Go

I’ve written this blog for almost four years.  I’ve posted over three hundred things I’ve written whether they be personal thoughts, poems, stories, thoughts, frustrations or life lessons I’ve come across. 599 more words


Fellowship? It's Important.

                  Today, I was kind of having a gloomy day in the way that nothing was so horribly wrong but I just did not really feel great. 192 more words


What has been your "test"?

Have you been blessed with a “test” in your life? Many people don’t think of these as tests but as trials. In reality, it is a learning time or a teachable moment, even if the so-called moment lasts longer than you wish or want it to. 593 more words


Feeling down

It’s hard to believe that hidden behind the dark round bags under my eyes , beneath the exhausted expression on my face and the fake smile that runs from cheek to cheek is me . 229 more words