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The days I can't deal with.

Somedays it gets too much. I might have had a nearly clear day only to have it come back with force that evening or days like today when I’m ill and wish I could be ill like a normal person is. 341 more words

Chronic Catarrh

Kelly Feels Run Down

I’ve not been feeling at my best recently. I don’t think there’s any particular reason why, it’s probably just a combination between being busy at work again after a nice rest and maybe fighting off the illness everyone else seems to have been coming down with recently, but it’s really getting to me. 176 more words

About Me

I'm scared...

Hey guys! So, first of all, welcome to our newest follower, Projectlighttolife ! I hope you enjoy my blog if you take the time to read it. 397 more words


Every star in the sky is important. A constellation wouldn’t be a constellation without every star. So every single person matters, it wouldn’t be a world without them.

You are important!


Why Yo-Yos Don’t Get Depressed - By Dr. Sandy Seton-Browne

It seems to be a widely accepted axiom that what goes up must come down. Yet the converse does not seem to be true. A much harder question to answer is; “Why do only some things that go down, come up again?”. 1,587 more words

Mental Health

Coping with Loved Ones During Your Weight Loss Journey

Hi guys,

This post is quite off topic from my usual posts as you will soon see. It mainly stems from some stuff that’s been happening the last couple of weeks that I’ve wanted to get off my chest and I’m just wondering if anyone’s having the same experiences as me. 808 more words

Slimming World

Busting winter gloom

We have lost count of the number of folks who have told us they are sad and out of sorts with Christmas over and winter winds whispering around their ears. 194 more words