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The LORD is Your Shade

It has been a long, pain-filled summer for me. Thank you for bearing with me as I’ve been sharing some of my old posts with you, mostly by my very close friends and mentors, Pat Knight and Donna Baker.  670 more words


My neglected mind

Good evening my friend.

I was totally fvcked up when i saw email today.
But that’s not what i want to talk about tonight.

Well.. 17 more words

Infinity Talk

Feeling Down

     This week isn’t working out the way I thought it would, so I just decided to find some positive quotes and post them.  I’m sure that other people have had hard weeks also. 34 more words

Emission #45: Yes, I Am Alive

Blood Orange – Chamakay

Röyksopp – Sparks

The Avalanches – Tonight May Have To Last Me All My Life

Air – Surfing On A Rocket… 34 more words


Where have you been?

I know I have been a really bad host lately. I keep inviting people to the party, but then I never show up.  I’ve been less than active on this blog and not very active on social media either. 1,405 more words



Isaiah 20: 1~3
I woke up thinking about the Naked Prophet! I knew it was one but had no idea it was Isaiah !
How ready are we to do anything the Lord ask us no matter how foolish or silly it may seem. 356 more words


Day 44

Woke up as usual with a heavy head, bit like a hangover, but a little more brick in the brain like!!!

Found myself in the chemist asking if I can just stop ✋ taking this pill and the crazy thing is I don’t even know why myself….. 215 more words