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Let Your Heart Decide

Good Afternoon, Morning, Evening, Day…whatever it may be wherever you are. It’s afternoon here and it has got to be the best (not at all) day ever. 465 more words

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It's been a while..not making enough progress!

So an update.

I keep thinking that I want to leave and do something on my own but don’t find or make time to do it.. 277 more words


Motivation slump...

Let’s just say it. ¬†Today has not been a good day.

I can’t straighten my legs due to the intense pain in my calves from the 4 minutes of hell I put them through yesterday as part of my new ‘let’s get fit and toned and lose weight’ thing. ¬† 505 more words

General Ramblings

Feeling Down or Broken?

My Spirit is strong, feel invincible and hopeful in the Lord but my flesh doesn’t line up on days like this,
I easily get offended and try to defend my case, feels like everyone is out to get me but I’m not that popular to know everyone so I will stop flattering myself. 182 more words

Aching for the past

It’s been an odd weekend for me. I’ve been feeling really nostalgic, wishing I could be younger again when life was simple and my family were together and fairly normal. 398 more words



In the midst of our trials and tribulations we do feel alone and even forgotten by God! But we must remember God is working things out for us even when we cannot see or understand. 257 more words