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Weight Watchers Meeting Week 1

So I walked into my meeting last night and I was pleasantly surprised.

The leader was really nice, the orientation afterward was great, and the people seemed to be really supportive. 162 more words

Feeling Good

Wednesday Wisdom - be yourself!

Today’s piece of Wednesday Wisdom is a reminder to you all to stay fabulous and be yourselves.


Is It Ever Okay To Give Up?

I remember a time when I was a kid, some afternoons after school I would be at my Grandparents home and it was literally at the top of a hill. 451 more words


Swimming with Emma... and my thoughts

The other day my very dear and close friend, Emma, and I went to the local rec-center to go swim laps, relax in the hot tub, and melt in the sauna. 934 more words

Coffee: My Love

I have given up coffee.  It started out as a summer project, but as the days have unfolded, it’s become something I realize weighs me down, literally and figuratively, so I can’t see it making a grand entrance back into my world anytime soon.

Just Life

Popsicle Days

Here is a picture of my new “therapeutic” intervention.

Yes, it is popsicle money.   I have been carrying popsicle money around with me all summer.  I have spent some hours on the bike path, either on the bike or running (or walking) and carrying my popsicle money with me, just in case I was in a place that had popsicles when I wanted a popsicle. 183 more words

Feeling Good