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Love Your Rosie Cheeks

Ever Since Early 2007 I have suffered from Rosacea. I broke out when I was in Iraq. At first I thought it was just a severe acne breakout, so I bought the ever popular “Proactiv” Solution. 527 more words

Healing Myself

Sunday, 'Cos that's my Run Day.

It’s just another magic Sunday! And that’s not some banal reference to resurrection for Easter. It is a Bangles reference/pun. :-)

Now my wife and I are signed up for a half marathon, I’ve got to get my distance and speed back up. 177 more words


Marathon: One week on

Marathon was a week ago. I think I have pretty much recovered and am thinking of running a bit more next week. I will try and be smart and take it fairly easy for a while yet. 59 more words

Day 160 (04.19.14) I can't believe it's been 160 days!

  1. Get moving: Today I burned 2,929 calories.  I hiked 3.15 miles with my pack, biked 3.7 miles, and walked 3.6 miles.
  2. Cutting Calories: I consumed 1,491 calories.
  3. 165 more words