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Secret to Lasting Beauty

Accept who you are. We hear that everywhere we go.

Be yourself. Be happy with who are. Don’t let people label you as something you are not. 212 more words

Feeling Pretty

My My Monday

Mud mask are fun. Peels are an adventure. Sheet mask are a ticket to relaxation.

Ok, so I am not what you would call a girly girl. 129 more words

Feeling Pretty

Prettiness Is Not An Obligation


Have you ever found yourself saying something that completely took you off guard? Even though, you were the one thinking and saying it but you didn’t really realize the power of what had just been said? 421 more words

The Girl in the Coral Red Dress

Have you ever wanted to be that girl, the one off in the corner or in the middle of the crowd, that gets noticed? The kind of noticed where they see you at your best, they see you in your coral-red dress, and you become the person they have to name, the person they just have to figure out and get to know. 451 more words

Random Thoughts

Sensual Sampler

Some of my best thinking happens when I’m receiving a lovely relaxing massage. I’m such a massage slut that the table itself now provokes a Pavlovian response in me, and I’m in alpha consciousness as soon as my face meets the cradle. 325 more words