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I have nothing tonight.  Stumped.  Not a great day.  Didn’t see any random acts of kindness, didn’t have the smoothest day at work or at home…. 286 more words

The Bluest Sky

When I was seven years old I was put on a commercial Boeing 757 airliner and flown from Houston, Texas back to my home state of Oregon. 596 more words


Learning to Speak Freely

Sometimes, when I am very stressed or in the midst of dealing with ghosts from the past, I stutter. This used to be a real problem for me. 541 more words

Things I Realized While My Phone Was Broken

So on Wednesday night as I was cuddling and watching The Good Wife, I was attempting to text my friend to tell her that Magic Mike was really quite excellent (note for anyone who’s curious – Magic Mike was really quite excellent) and every time I tried to go into her texting thread the screen went weird and started getting brighter and brighter…. 887 more words