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My mind is having a big inner rant

It’s a family member, arggghhhhhh. Nothing like families to press your buttons. Who was it that said if you think you are enlightened, go and live with your family of origin for a week?! 431 more words

it's how you look

Hattie, our tabby cat, can be sitting next to me and I love that all I have to do is look at her and she starts purring and making kitty biscuits. 75 more words

All Kinds Of Advice

Weather Weenies?

My husband and I have a running argument (about 50 years or so now) about whether or not to pay attention to the weather forecast. (He calls all weather people ‘weather weenies.’) 457 more words

Quality Of Life

Accepting, Allowing

             No doubt you’re all familiar with the idea of being in one’s own way.  As in, we could be doing so much better, if only our own misgivings or doubts didn’t slow us down… 376 more words

The Ordinary Moments #12 - Feeling Safe

The Ordinary Moments #12 – Feeling Safe

The pictures this week won’t be the best quality as they’re ones I just snapped with my phone whilst at traffic lights etc driving home the other week.   416 more words

The Ordinary Moments

The 10's of Trust

Trust is the lack of fear. Trust is feeling safe. Trust is risk-taking. Trust is confidence. Trust is embracing vulnerability. Trust is love. Trust is forgiveness. 701 more words