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The Second Window Was a Skateboard

The issue of her sister’s skateboard was one of her most troubling memories because it perfectly highlighted the family dynamics that she would be trying to unwind for most of her life. 1,859 more words

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Gun Control, Knife Control, and My Own Hypocrisy

I might be completely full of shit…. So that’s concerning. Today, when I heard the news about the mass stabbing at a Western Pennsylvania High School, my first thoughts were not of the kids who got stabbed. 1,065 more words

2) Politics

Punishment VS Discipline...

How many of us were spanked or hit as a child when we did something wrong? For those who were do you still remember how it felt? 662 more words


How do we escape fear?

If someone asked me a while ago what the opposite of fear was, I would have said courage. If someone had asked me to give an example of courage, tales of various explorers throughout history, navigating uncharted territory on their own, fending off wild beasts and unfriendly inhabitants, would have come to mind. 1,696 more words


The difficulty of finding a place to call home.

Home is where you go to hide, where you feel safe and part of.  Some of us take forever to feel at home, to find a place that guarantees all the above.


Sleep? What is that?

Ever since Friday I’ve been having the strangest dreams.  Honestly, they totally could be scripted into episodes of the Twilight Zone.  Every hour or so, I wake up from dreaming and I’m immediately wide awake.   373 more words

The Other Stuff

Some truth about relationships

When it comes to relationships, the kind that we tend to dream of, we close our eyes and fantasize about love and attraction, holding hands, long walks on the beach, moonlit evenings by a fire, laughing, sharing secrets, steamy sex, and feelings of bliss and comfort. 497 more words