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Mid Fall...

I’m at the point in my life where I’m tired of giving so much of myself in exchange for people falling short on their end of the deal. 146 more words

Miscellaneous Works

Silly Contemplations, or My Brain Annoys Me

What is it about driving a long distance in the car that brings out the ‘deep’ thinking. At least for me it does. It never starts until about the third hour of the trip, then it’s like a level of manic thought nirvana. 469 more words


A wall
Two walls
Four walls
And a room.

A bar,
Three bars,
Six bars,
and a cage.

I feel
My world
Close in
Around me. 10 more words


This Prison I'm In

If you were to see my struggle

Would you fly away?

Would you run?

Would you hide?

Cover your head in shame?

How could a daughter of the king… 224 more words


Still Waters

Cracked glass,
Apparitions of my past
I don’t wish to be the object of your terror.

Leave me to my tomorrow
Leave me to the light I’d long forgotten. 92 more words