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November 16, 2014

I am happy because…dinner was delicious.

I am proud of…never settling.

I am upset that…I have the feeling of being trapped, but it’s not so bad because… 26 more words

Daily Journal


Life is a strange concept…
Just as it begins, it could end before you get in depth
Some people seek happiness, some seek respect
But hardly anyone gets what they want… What did you expect? 265 more words

Do You Feel Trapped?

I love this image for many reasons, but for the purpose of today’s haiku it represents the essence of being trapped. The long exposed roots weaving their way through earth and rock trapping everything underneath. 26 more words


The Songbird

I never liked caged birds until I met Sweetie. She sat near the entrance in Helen’s apartment living room at the retirement place. Helen loved her, spoke tenderly to her as if she were a diamond on a pedestal. 454 more words

Feeling stuck, trapped, unhappy, or all of the above?

If you are always searching for the meaning of life and can’t seem to find a state of contentment, you are like me, and we belong in the 3C group. 500 more words

Maximizing Happiness