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My hands reach skyward.

They long to touch the stars,

Fly among the clouds.


I am chained,

Tethered to my

Small life,


Small town. 26 more words



I feel crazy,

words, words,words,

coming from everywhere inside.

Jumbled, stopped, lost,

I can’t catch them,

Form them to something


Too many words shouting together.

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The Great Mouse Saga, Part II

To clarify: I posted Part I last week, but that story actually happened in October. What I’m about to add to the story happened in November. 696 more words

Tired? No more energy?

The time feels really weird in this moment of time and a lot of people tell me that they are extremely tired and need a lot of rest and sleep. 882 more words

Unveiling Truth Posts

November 16, 2014

I am happy because…dinner was delicious.

I am proud of…never settling.

I am upset that…I have the feeling of being trapped, but it’s not so bad because… 26 more words

Daily Journal


Life is a strange concept…
Just as it begins, it could end before you get in depth
Some people seek happiness, some seek respect
But hardly anyone gets what they want… What did you expect? 265 more words

Do You Feel Trapped?

I love this image for many reasons, but for the purpose of today’s haiku it represents the essence of being trapped. The long exposed roots weaving their way through earth and rock trapping everything underneath. 26 more words