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Blind Man Walking or A Writer's Leap of Faith

Have you ever been walking and decided to shut your eyes and see how far you could walk without peeking? I used to do this while walking home from school. 959 more words


Your Face In The Clouds

It is amazing

To fall gazing

Your face

In the clouds

With wide open

Or shut eyes

Draw a smile

On my dull

Visage canvas… 66 more words


Chỉ là...


Những bản nhạc không lời cứ chậm rãi trôi

Ảnh nền máy tính thỉnh thoảng lại đổi

Nhìn mãi

Nhận ra mình hay cười đến thế 37 more words


Activate your Passion

She will be gifted from the Universe for activating her passion
and we invite you to stake this claim also –

that when you are doing things that make you feel good, 93 more words


Status , Rich , Fame

How’s everyone doing? I’m finally back after school starts.

I’m going to blog about 3 things today. Status, Rich, Fame. We tend to yearn for these 3 things, but have you ever thought about how do you want your life to live after attaining them? 834 more words

Wake Up!

Can you describe the feeling the moment your alarm clock wakes you up? Are you hitting the snooze button (2x) because you don t want to get out of bed to go to your job that you actually hate? 169 more words

learning how to "feel"

I have felt very introspective lately. But I almost feel more confused than ever about how.. i.. feel. I know when you are writing you are never supposed to use the same work twice or multiple times. 610 more words