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Between Each Breath

Somewhere deep inside me,
in the space between each breath,
tucked away like origami animals
neatly folded by an obsessive;
is every, second, of my existence. 236 more words

What is happiness?

Please share your answer. It doesn’t matter how long or short it may be. It is up to you. Your experience, your definition, your words.

Bashar - The Past Is Created From The Present

As you shift and literally become a new person, you, don’t have the same history he/she did. You’re a different person. The past is created from the present.

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No kind of sentence

no kind of sentence
will make you


Every breath we take vibrates a frequency of emotion.



Several years ago, my best friend and I carved a Halloween pumpkin. We sliced off the lid and scooped out the gourd’s gooey entrails. We carved a beautifully precise face and then sat the friendly fellow out on the porch to welcome guests. 367 more words



As time passes by you may feel another person growing within you; with a mind of its own, words of its own. You’ll hear a voice in your head that sounds exactly like your voice speaking softly, telling you things you don’t want to know.  144 more words