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i am a sinner
no matter what
no matter what
i am a sinner
no matter what

for every line i write
for every word i say… 64 more words


It starts out with a slight feeling of tiredness. The house begins to get messier. Each day the feeling gets a little heavier until I feel like my steps are dragging through mud. 534 more words

Recovering From A Narcissistic Relationship

A Guarded Heart

This is the fifth (and final) part in a series of blog posts about my experiences in Latvia serving with Camp Hope a few weeks ago. 1,096 more words


Out of Touch

The bone of his shoulder

Woken up shaken

by saying “I’ve missed you”

in a nightmare

For dear kind music

that is rowdy and crowded and choral… 91 more words

Was there a Christ? Is there a God?

Who can tell you this?

Everyone has a different point of view.

Before you fall into the trap everyone falls into, it’s important to inquire with an enthusiasm and determination to never stop inquiring. 1,318 more words

blooming out of fire

shattered, unique, resilient
we are intersecting glass splinters
jagged and dutiful
renewing the light born
from shadows a million years old

and if you look close enough… 132 more words