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How terrible it is knowing you feel sad. Even worse realizing there is nothing I can do to make you feel better.
I Hate myself.


“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls!”
- Ted Grant…

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Happy Myanmar New Year

Happy Myanmar New Year to all my friends. I wish you to be happy, Peaceful and more successful from this year to every year. Try to forget every bad thing from the past and try to be your best in this year  also all of your dream to be come true. 17 more words

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Wise Controller

Masih ingat topik baru yang kita temukan diartikel sebelumnya? Tentang memberi izin kepada hati kita. Ya artikel kali ini mulai lepas dari artikel Let Your Heart Take the Control… 485 more words


Speechless And Redundant (I Love You's Not Enough)

Death to the girl

At the end of the serenade.

That’s what I was told, at least.

But the words spilled out

Tumbling over a clumsy tongue… 154 more words


The “Time” of Report Realism

Aaron’s thinking (and re-thinking) about the “when” of writing (routed through Adorno, in which case, one can add the “if” of writing) has prompted me to return to the problem of report realism and, more specifically, the problem of time, of “when,” in report realism. 1,300 more words


Just to Feel

No one likes crying.

It’s uncomfortable and humiliating, especially for those of us that are ugly-criers.  The first time I heard the expression, “have a good cry”, I thought it was complete bullshit.   225 more words