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Walking silent through the feelings, taking what is mine. Keeping out of sight of others, just towing the line.
Reaching space that won’t exist, feeding from the power. 83 more words


i need an emotion

a sting, a ray

of light

a vulnerable spot

a hairline



Feeling Like A Failure

I must confess: at this moment I feel more like Gideon in the winepress, than David running out to meet Goliath.

What happened? Nothing in particular. 377 more words



We make stupid choices when we’re scared.

Part of my bucket list is to ride the roller coaster. I’m a
thrill-seeker, sure. But that thing going on and on in the air, the sounds of people screaming their lungs off, the gravitational pull and lunges that will make your heart skip more than just a beat–I can’t deal with that. 742 more words

Intuition: learning to listen to the beat of the reverberating drum

I’m going to tell you about a dream I have. This is a dream that has been tucked away in my back pocket for years. I take it out intermittently to flash before others, before swiftly stashing it away. 604 more words

Creative Thought

Start listening.

As I was reading through the book of Mark chapters 5 to 7, I realized one vital thing; it’s human nature to hear with deaf ears. 249 more words


I'm ready to take the next step in our relationship.

I have to go back on night shift.

Those words echoed in my ears. Again. He was switched from night shift to day shift a few weeks back and I was excited because essentially, we were on the same shift. 506 more words