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Have I Ever Done this Before?

“Have I Ever Done this Before?”

~ a poem

Have you ever seen somebody out in public, looked at them, and silently judged them because they were different from you: whether it be because of skin color, hair style, fashion style or something else entirely? 307 more words


My Life as Fatrick Chapter 1

Hey guys, I’m Patrick, or as I began calling myself a few months ago, Fatrick. You can probably guess that I have a problem with obesity. 545 more words

Top of the World

I rose up, carrying my broken pieces with me
Reaching above, in natural vicinity

The greenery dotted with jutting spires
Blemishes don’t ruin truth, ahh those liars… 103 more words


From the Comic Con.

I’m at the comic convention right now. Well not right now, because right now I can’t get onto the conventions wifi and this is being written in pages…. 586 more words


Was actually feeling really good to spend some time with my lil brother last night as he whipped me a meal and we did a sing-a-long with him at his guitar for the songs we learnt in secondary school. 192 more words


* * *

I sat in the bus and went home.. After a tiring day I was super stressed and sad.. My mind was hanging around my memories.. Sometimes the tears themselves slide down on my cheeks not because I feel a physical pain but the pain of my past that’s left thousand miles away.. 326 more words


The lost one

It was a beautiful morning.  I put the baby down for his nap and his big brother was busy playing outside with my husband.  I set out for another run, feeling behind on my 5k training after a few days out-of-town. 385 more words