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The Highly Sensitive Person: How To Thrive When The World Overwhelms You

I’ve been on a summer holiday and I was also in New York. What a great trip, I’m happy. Oh well, back to everyday routines (that aren’t so bad either) and books and movies. 342 more words


A few thoughts

A few thoughts for this week-end.

Stay calm.
Relax, unwind and rest.
That’s what weekends are for.

Hope you have a good one. 🌻

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Conscious Living

A Depressing Note

The other day, I wrote a note. A note for the person I trust the most. The person I have shared basically everything with for the past four years. 420 more words

Need To Clear My Head

When happiness doesn't come naturally..

Its those cold winter mornings you turn over after hitting the snooze button and bury your head under the covers wishing you had one more hour sleep. 367 more words

hurt his feelings?

Looks like we hurt Cody’s feelings. I don’t care thank you whoever read the site to him. I know he didn’t visit himself because we can see the views. 33 more words