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Obama, Gaza, Reddit, Facebook, and the iPhone 5S

I blew my nose this morning. I also took a shower and got dressed. My wife is beautiful and pregnant with out first child. I’m currently hungry because I forgot to bring lunch. 352 more words


4 months later

I miss you. You were such an important part of my life then. I feel frustration and sadness. You have said so much hurtful, judged me and dismissed me.. 80 more words

The Thinker

The Person

It’s the person not the feeling. :)

Have you ever wondered why there are different kinds of feelings you experience from different kinds of people? It’s because there is just one emotion that could be associated with different people. 162 more words

Everyday Blogging

At times...

At times I hate you
And wonder what is it am doing
Then again I miss you
And wonder why I ever doubted

At times I wonder… 106 more words


I loved this article by Dr. Laura!

Empathic Limits In Action:
Leaving the Playground

“I’m so tired of parents who can’t say No to their child and let them rule the roost. No wonder kids today don’t have any self-discipline.” 1,473 more words


Today's Journey (6.20 a.m.)

Opposite ends of the station,
Early morning heat,
A stomach tied in knots,
Routine again repeats.

Green and blue and yellow,
Someone’s first day,
Miniature beats ring through white wires, 76 more words


Roller coaster highs and lows, I hate those things!

Well the past two days have been a bit up and down. Some of the things were great and then they crashed down with the same kind of gut crushing feeling that you get on the downward slope of one of those huge insane roller coaster. 430 more words