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Shouldn't come back..

Demi lovato. This one has two different meanings to me, the first is to do with a guy, I imagined he moved away with his girlfriend and I know if that happened he would still be in constant contact with me but it would only bring bad things if we kept talking. 104 more words

Recent moments of happiness...


So my cousin has been quite depressed over the past year ever since her mum (my auntie) died last may, but for the past few months she’s been doing this thing called ’100 days of happiness’ which is where you post a picture of something that made you feel happy each day on a social media site such as facebook, twitter or tumblr using the hashtag #100daysofhappiness. 519 more words


Silence surrounds me,
It’s peaceful,
A softness of sound,
Butterfly kisses,
Gentle wind blowing,
Snowflakes fall,


Million Lives, Million Stories, One Journey

We come across many people in our life whom we may or may not know. I believe that everything happens for a reason. The reason maybe big or insignificant. 436 more words

Scattered Notes

Confession #162

I am a week from my 30th birthday and just got carded and denied service at a convenience store, because I had no ID on me. 10 more words


How we feel about feelings.

A lot of people nowadays will say things like ‘I’m dead inside’ or ‘If I had feelings, that would hurt’ as an attempt to sound cool & insensitive to hide their vulnerability but the truth is we enjoy feeling. 56 more words