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My Love Is Too ________ To Have Thrown Back in My Face

For those of you who haven’t seen For Colored Girls, it is a very moving film about women struggling in their relationships with men and coming to the realization of their own self worth. 325 more words


“All we are is a result of all we have thought” -Buddah



I haven’t felt anything in a long time. Numb would describe it well. It’s almost like a coma. You’re alive and you’re sense’s are alert but I’m just not fully there yet. 95 more words


Talking about music

Music…what is it? It isn’t just melody. It’s something more. Something, what inspires you, helps to overcome problems, like best friend.When you listen to music, you feel the sense of peace and connection to the outside world. 52 more words

Back, I suppose

After a ~2 year hiatus, I’m (hopefully) back to blogging again. I dropped a class this quarter, so it seems like I have so much time. 269 more words


A lack of feelings.

Recently, I had a really terrible nightmare about my mother dying, and I was the only one left to pick up the pieces. While I know that this is a direct reflection of how I feel, and the role in my family unit, I was concerned. 450 more words


My first ever semester in a real, organized school is almost over. What an odd feeling this is. When the semester first started, I swear I felt time creep so slowly along, but now that it’s close to its end I find myself wondering where all that time went. 215 more words