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Hiding from Feeling

I have chosen to blog because I have decided to journal and I need to keep accountable. I have pushed myself to be honest and try to be helpful, but I believe I have avoided a bit delving into my current feelings as I had planned to do with journalling. 559 more words



While everyone has their own opinions on war, I must say through the wonders of YouTube browsing; I have literally watched soldiers returning home videos for nearly the past two hours. 31 more words

Mini Stories

I just want to be ok. I want everything in my life to change. I want answers to my questions. I want a life that I know I deserve. 210 more words


April 18, 2014, 1:52 AM

Lately I've began to wonder. About people, beliefs I have, my decisions. The dark fog of doubt has slowly crept into my thoughts; making me question everything. 480 more words


Baby I’m tired of making appearances
I’m sick of dressing
I’d lose my mind
Before I lost my composure
And you radiate
Let your body go… 154 more words

Love Di

Love Di

Love Di

I’ve been scrolling it for ever. xx

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