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I am the waves.

i am the ocean.

i am the waves.

i am the tides.

i  flow back and fourth.

i rise and i crash loudly onto the shore. 52 more words


Blogging should be mysterious.

So how do you start a blog that is done mysteriously? Do you introduce yourself or you explain why the blogging is done mysteriously or you just blog whatever you like without giving any explanation, whatsoever? 105 more words


OMG you're so fat!

“OMG you’re so fat, why don’t you go on a diet, or stop eating for a month, You should join weight watchers!”

It’s not a very nice statement is it!…… 504 more words


Sketches - Habits

I suck at drawing portraits, so this didn’t quite turn out how I imagined it to be. .___. Sometimes you have the image in your brain, but your hands just don’t have the skill to sketch it out. 452 more words

Boy (The One)

This boy.
With the dreamy eyes and my favorite mischevious crooked smile.
He came back.

He had been through a hell of a lot too. 444 more words


Boy (Number 4)

So after realizing that my blue-eyed dream boy wasn’t going to amount to any more than a wonderful, fleeting “something” I began moving on.

I joined a group that is tradition for the grad class. 1,204 more words


Boy (Number 3...The One That Got Away)

I took a year for me.
To get over the heartbreak.
To start building my self confidence back up.
To become a little more free-spirited, and a little less of a recluse. 778 more words