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Dichotomy of Feelings

Feelings, the ingeniously embedded sense somewhere in our heart/mind/body or wherever it lies is the whole and soul of our behavior at times.
21st century people, as we boast we are, still there are loads of human qualities we’ve failed to ‘decode’. 357 more words



Hey You,

I hope the stars this letter reaches you somehow.

I dont know how else to tell you

I miss you


I miss us. 373 more words


one day she woke up and decided to believe

thoughts of tragedy that used to be plentiful in her mind

have escaped through the clear paths of least resistance… 32 more words

Struggling Through Life...

This is for those who struggle through the day, putting on a happy face, but feeling so empty inside. God sees your brokenness and knows the causes. 369 more words


Be Your Own Boo

It has officially been a week since the beginning of sophomore year. I’ve already been sicker than sick, bled many times due to running into things, and being scratched by friends, and I got my first french manicure for this weekend. 188 more words


Reflections: When I met you in the summer.

When I met you in the summer is something like a bitter-sweet memoir of  one of the best relationships I’ve had. It’s the last and final dedication to someone that I still miss very much, just because he was really great. 318 more words