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Parental Advice - Yea or Nay?

Last week I put vanity on hold while I shot this selfie to help a friend promote an extremely important campaign.

If you were struggling this week with _____ (fill in the blank: sleep, the perpetual balancing act or kids/work, sicknesses, lack of discipline), and I have been with all of the above, you may want to read… 16 more words


I'm still okay...

It so weird to say this. After so much time going up and down it’s so weird to say that I’m still up. Still waiting for it though. 116 more words

Mutual Way

Mutual means one way when they see eye to eye on the road and go hand in hand along.


I've got troubled thoughts...

I love music, it’s something ever so soothing and therapeutic.

I’m pretty sure I’m going through another depression episode, which I’m led to believe is something that will happen when you try to manage it with out medication or with out a way of venting you’re emotions properly. 406 more words



It has its curvy meaning -
Its session never stops
And draws obeying and disobeying lines.



Two hours beyond our goodbye, I read this line:
“I could start fires with what I feel for you.”
It strikes pretty damn hard for words that aren’t mine… 196 more words