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You complete me...

It was when I fell apart I realized that I was never complete…
Now I wait for the day you will bring me my final piece and make me complete.

Eternally Mine... (Love Poem)

Love… All of us have felt the shivers of this wonderful feeling. In a fleeting dream, it overtook our worries and insecurities and replaced them with a new purpose and perspective given to existence. 121 more words


Don't Forget; Re-live The Memories

It’s the 3rd day of September 2014. Wow, time flies too fast!

Today is something special, not because I am with someone but because I’m trying to recall all the things that happened to me for my entire nineteen years of existence. 1,116 more words


She's Fourty

It happened. The Stud texted me last night, and in a conversation about each of our weekends, he mentioned that he had been on a date last Friday. 333 more words


Feelings and Shopping

After three months in another state, I finally came back to Vienna yesterday. I wasn’t aware of the intensity of feelings a human body can perceive. 279 more words


5 Instances In Which Women Can Be Kinder To Each Other

Kind Campaign: what a revolutionary idea. Though this movement for the abolition of damaging societal interactions between females shouldn’t be necessary, it’s drawing light to an issue that’s been both trivialized and sensationalized for decades: girls and women can be inextricably, injuriously mean to one another, and we’ve let it go on for far too long. 885 more words

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I Am Scared Of My Depression Returning

Last year this time, I was starting my first year of college. I can picture it like it was yesterday. Standing in the elevator of my freshman dorm, I though about what it would be like if I died. 535 more words

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