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Falling asleep
Is easy and quick
For some, not all
Fall asleep fast
Fall in love fast

Which is better
Does not matter
I bet… 35 more words


lightning and thunder

It’s like lightning.
A flash in the distance, my blood’s on fire and the sparks in my eyes are setting off.
One look from you and I suddenly want everything. 313 more words

I Am The Theory

Strange Things Did Happen Here

I’m not going to devote a lot of time to this blog post. I stayed up later than I should’ve yesterday, because I was determined to write something about my experience reuniting with my friends. 121 more words


It is what it is.

..there was sanity once, my love..
..as I recall..
..so ever faintly..
..like the taste of salt left from tears..
..but now they say I’m a fool in love.. 29 more words


Teaching Reflection #4 (11/10)

Today is Monday of MIT’s four-day Veteran’s Day weekend, so what better way to spend it than at Parts and Crafts? I headed over a bit before midday and found┬áthat they have just finished their afternoon meeting. 773 more words


My Top 5 Biggest Internet Feels

5. “Genie, You’re Free”

Robin William’s passing was tragic. He was always a symbol of smiles and happiness for me, and for him to die in the way that he did made his passing that much sadder. 551 more words



This photo says it all. SEMBREAK pls come fasterr