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The Ol' Switcheroo.

So William’s school was all set for South Park. We went yesterday for the morning, thought everything was set up and good to go… only to find that they aren’t going to let him attend afternoons. 213 more words


Coming Soon

Adverts and trailers with the words ‘coming soon’ at the end are the equivalent of Satan. I understand you don’t have a release date yet, but maybe you could wait until you do? 76 more words

Forced independence

What? I don’t know.

These last few…whatevers have really brought some clarity to me.

On Saturday night,i was forced to become independent. The person that i depended on the most,that i told everything to,just disappeared. 82 more words

Stresses Of Life

I got maybe 4 hours of sleep last night, but I woke up fine and I had energy. I cautiously sat in the back row of my 8am in case I fell asleep, but I didn’t. 386 more words


FEAR: A Love Story

I decided to keep exploring emotion words– download the PDF here: http://jmp.sh/0QaqCs2

My inspiration for this zine came from this photo series (thank you rookie) and also from the feedback I got about… 115 more words

Open season

I haven’t had this much trouble writing a post in a really long time. This is a very different story than what I had originally envisioned. 667 more words


Green Eyes

I look at images of her smile,
I listen to the sound of her laughter,
I watch the sinews of her movement,
I feel the thrill you once beckoned to stop… 277 more words