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Ready to break

A week of pondering on the question “What shall i do?” got me stressed. Like really stressed to the point where i don’t even want to do anything because I’ve got this picture my head of what i should be doing, but something is not right. 328 more words


After Disney. Part 5

Time passed differently on the road. Mikael didn’t talk much and Mai spend more time roaming, coming back to us at dusk with food but otherwise not discussing where she had been. 795 more words


Sending Love from a Lifeboat

This is a bit of a love letter.

Not to a single person, though if it was, it’d be to A.S. King who remains one of those authors I’d like to be when I grow up into a big author person. 1,085 more words

What are we?

What are we?

Between the silence and the unspoken words

Two hearts synchronizing

I wonder if it’s best not to know.


At The End

X-rays had changed a lot over the years, and it seemed like some of the art had got out of deciphering their murky secrets and hidden treasures. 449 more words


Love Alone - Zero (single) 2014

Melbourne 5 piece and sad-boiz club members ‘Love Alone’ have released a new track ‘Zero’ which follows up their insanely good split w/ ‘Hindsight’ (SA) from earlier this year. 115 more words


I refuse to sink

.                     Im not use to writing blogs or things like this. Just comfortable in writing things that i can relate to. It doesnt mean im normal. 62 more words