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Hope Anchors The Soul

Do you know one of the hardest part of life? It is when you are looking forward to something that you know from the beginning that will not happen. 75 more words

Tớ là tớ đang tuyệt cmn vọng lắm đây TT_____TT

Vấn đề của tớ là không xác định được giọng văn phù hợp với mình :< thích viết hài bựa nhưng đọc fic buồn rồi ngược đau ngược đớn thì lại muốn bắt chước hành hạ nhân vật kiểu đó ==" 91 more words


Non-Poetic ALL OUT Feels

Dear – - – - -,

I wish you were reading this. I wish there was a way for us to communicate again. But I promised myself I will never be the first one to go up to you and ask “what is wrong?” or “what happened?”… 417 more words


A DIY Look That Feels Correct At Last! by Interior Design Blog

Phew! what a week! Issues have been a small crazy about right here but I was last but not least capable to make a trip to SR Harris yesterday to get some upholstery fabric for my chair seats!   38 more words

My Feels Right Now

Isn’t it utterly incredible how music and emotion just meld together like one superbeing?

Sometimes I wonder why when I’m feeling an extreme emotion I turn to music. 66 more words


Lost & Found

“Finding yourself.”

Even though everyone does it at some point or another, “finding yourself” is a phrase often associated with pathetic, artsy, head-in-the-clouds people who shouldn’t be taken seriously; or with mopey, depressed people like Holden Caulfield (by the way, I DO still like that book — I’m tired of Buzzfeed telling me I’m stuck in high school for liking it!). 1,062 more words


I Seek Dead People

Graveyards. Dusty books. Charts. Genealogy has wooed me for nearly 20 years with a quiet sexiness only nerds can love.

For me, it started before the internet made it easy. 445 more words