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Dear Future Daughter

1) When you’re at some party, chain smoking on the roof with some strange girl with blue hair and exorbitant large dark eyes, ask her about her day. 221 more words


What It Feels Like For Us Old Vets With The Beast.....

What It Feels Like For Us Old Vets With The Beast…. Every day it s like………it s like………Dog Day Afternoon and Groundhog Day, rolled in to one!!!! 10 more words

The Griddle in the Rain

I sit across from Anna at the Griddle. It is raining endlessly.
Anna is from Frankfurt. She is a singer, songwriter. Last night, in a quiet drunkenness, she sang us German song. 201 more words

San Francisco

Music and the writing process

For me, the writing process is often filled with adventure, making plans and then changing them, but a lot of discovery. Music is integral to my process whether I’m debugging code, editing, creatiing stories, or designing. 601 more words


sweet, sweet, november.

the calm before the storm.

how does one feel, you ask?

the vibes as of right now are good.

everything feels right.

in place.

secure. 134 more words


There is nothing like a thing called right time. If you love, you wouldn’t wanna wait anymore or waste anymore time. You wouldn’t wanna waste the memories that you can make now.

71 more words

Pre-college graduation scares

Sooo…..since I’ll be starting my last semester of college come January, more and more of those “once you graduate……” and “welcome to real life” talks have been figuratively shoved down my neck by my parents…I literally just got one at 11pm… 417 more words