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Day 14 - Finance Fees Are Evil

So this is a little rant while I wait for my car to warm up this morning. Finance fees on credit cards are evil. Each month I get charged with a finance fee and it eats up most of my monthly payment for credit card #1. 19 more words


Selling on eBay - real figures

A few weeks ago I decided to sell three bracelets that I never wore. Ebay makes it look super easy, and it is – you just create an ad, name your price and post it. 256 more words

The Business of Editing: Fee Negotiations (Part I)

(Note: Although this essay is from the perspective of an editor dealing with a publisher or packager, the basic principles of negotiating remain the same regardless of what you do or with whom you are negotiating.) 1,150 more words

Business Of Editing

Hey Teacher! Leave Them Kids Alone!

Futuring Workshop: Analysis on education

by Nathan Cunial

The futuring workshop on education opened my eyes to how complex Australia’s education system truly was. We live in a highly advanced, 1st world country and our current system works very well. 719 more words

School fees in Zimbabwe

I have recently come back from Zimbabwe, where I taught in a Secondary School. I met some amazing pupils and teachers. I still have the joy to chat to them on a daily basis through Whatsapp. 235 more words


Merrill Lynch Jacking Up Fees

We read of a broker at Merrill Lynch who left the firm because, and we quote:

“Under Merrill Lynch One, fees were going to go up for my clients by 30% to 40% on average.”

216 more words

Savings - Work Hard Then Throw it all Away?

We have seen many clients work very hard only to lose some or all of their savings. And they’re not stupid people, quite the contrary. 403 more words