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Illinois Medical Marijuana Rules Drop Gun Language

CHICAGO (AP) – Illinois regulators crafting the first rules for the state’s new medical marijuana industry have lowered patient fees and deleted a section that angered gun owners. 401 more words


Public funding, rather than increased fees and student debt, will safeguard the contribution of higher education to economic development and social mobility/cohesion, the recent NERI report on higher education concludes.


Avoid Bank Fees



The question is, are you paying fees on your account? If so, please take a moment to read your account opening disclosures.  You would be amazed at how a little bit of information can save you a lot of money.  368 more words


How Much is Money Advice Costing You?

For most people, managing their finances or talking about investing is like pulling teeth. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, most people are not taught to develop these skills from either their schools or their parents. 584 more words

Accounting Fees

…Actually, any type of professional fees.  Accountants, lawyers, physicians and even plumbers’ fees – many clients complain they are too high.

Surprise!  They are not too high.  416 more words