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A Few Of My Favorite Things

All right reserved – Buckle & Birch


Today’s favorite colors are coming to you via Jersean Golatt’s feet. Jersean is an amazing Freelance Photographer based in Dallas where he lives with his beautiful and talented wife, Laura. 117 more words

An ode to my feet

But why should I call my feet ugly?

I know they’re a bit bigger than a lot of other girls’

My toenails, they break easily and often… 280 more words


Correcting a deformity and eliminating bunion pain

When I started running more seriously almost two years ago now, I noticed that I favored some shoes over others because of the way they fit. 476 more words

ClearCut Bulman A50030 All Steel Rubber Feet 30 Paper Cutter

Blade Guard. It is 1 essential element of cutter safety. Made of either plastic or metal, the guard makes sure that your fingers never meet the blade, and that it only ends up cutting paper. 300 more words

A Little Praise

I don’t give praise or credit too often to leftist (they rarely give me reason to); so let me take this opportunity to give praise to Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi pictured here washing the feet of a young lady. 199 more words


The Monster Cable Ultimate High Speed HDMI THX 1000

HDMI is a special type of device which was introduced in the market in December 2002. It was launched in 2003, with the best competing features in the market. 409 more words