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The last week has been full or firsts for our little man! While they are nothing “ground breaking” – like walking or talking, it is still so much fun to watch him grow and learn in noticeable ways. 187 more words

Do Kids Walk to School in Canada?

Canadian parents, by and large, walked to school when they were kids.  Not so much for their own children. Fewer kids these days walk or bike to school. 203 more words

✿ your dark ambush

i’d like
it if each
time i drink
you i taste
more, if my sense of what
you are is amp-
lified, i’d
like to know… 34 more words


3 Reasons To Stick With Your Job (2014)

1. Love it.
2. IComfortable.
3. You want to eat.
To stick feet underneath dinner table.


Is using your extended health benefits a bad thing?

Insurance is always a touchy subject in all of the extended health care fields (chiropody/podiatry, chiropractic, massage, physiotherapy, etc.)  People have a sense that they are doing something wrong by using making claims under their extended health insurance and it’s a topic that has come up quite often throughout my career so I thought I’d address it. 434 more words

Foot Care

Soft Feet

She stands.

On tiny pink feet.

Wobbling under the weight

but with gritted teeth they hold

For a moment or ten.

Soft, padded feet

anchor her to the ground now. 22 more words