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This week FEG celebrated its 50th anniversary, or Jubiläum. The occasion merited a large-scale event in which staff, former staff, students, and alumni gathered to reflect on their school and its history. 188 more words

"Tainted Innocence" - My Letter to Boyfriend... and all of Humanity.

I have been selfish for way too long. Let us share some perspectives and instill paranoia (also, power) in each other. I understand this will weaken my “power”, but I want to feel human, too. 828 more words

Me and You, Ich and Du... Or Sie?

It was drilled into my brain during college: In German, you must address everyone you don’t know personally as “Sie.” Only close friends and family are to be called “du.” To call a stranger “du” instead of “Sie” is the rudest of rudes (unless, you’re like, one of those trendy, let’s-be-cool-and-casual young Germans I hear about), and only your foreign accent can exonerate you for making such a heinous error. 445 more words