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Felix and the Antwar Saloon

If you get the above reference, congratulations!  You just won one free copy of the Internet.

If you didn’t get it, it’s a reference to one of my favorite books, … 411 more words


Can a Pitcher Be an MVP?

It’s one of the hottest topics in all of baseball. Pitchers already receive the Cy Young Award, but should they also be eligible for a Most Valuable Player Award? 503 more words


Odds and Ends

It has been a busy 4 months. We discovered that it is not the novelty wearing off after the first child, for the reason for not taking pictures, but the fact that there is no time to take pictures. 159 more words


g122 | "Well, I've seen your act before." --- Tony Randazzo

What act would that be, Mr. Randazzo? If you’re implying that Lloyd has some sort of reputation (which considering his limited history as a manager, is highly unlikely) that would mean you are using that against him – which would be… 620 more words