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1,000 Tips for Heart Attack Inducing Sex: Be His Oral Rag Doll

Warning: This post is only for the open-minded. Leave now if your collar stays stuffy.

In anticipation¬†of my upcoming book, “Swinging Submission”, this post will celebrate sex in the circle. 74 more words

One Thousand Sex Tips

A sweet homecoming.

“Come, I want sex in the shower”
“But it’s not big enough”
“I know, but whatever”
Hopping into the shower, steamy water pounding our backs as we kissed. 402 more words


#32: The Doctor

T: What’s your favourite thing to do?

Doggie style.

T: Haha cheeky. Wasn’t expecting that. But yes that is fun. :P

Eventually I gave him my phone number. 772 more words

Fellatio (acrostic)

fondling your rock hard shaft and balls,

enveloping with warmth of my mouth,

letting my tongue run over velvet crown,

licking at drop of oozing opaqueness, 30 more words

Erotic Poetry

I Got Up, Fucked The Dog...

Now that I’ve got your attention, allow me to sing you a little song:

I got up, fucked the dog
Wrote about it in my blog… 250 more words

"My throat hurts and i'm too tired to get up to shut the light off #firstworldproblems #imsorry"

Unless you’ve been engaging in fellatio for 3 hours straight with a person that will only do so with the lights on, these two things have nothing in common. 12 more words


Dat Mouf...Headz or Tailz

What dat mouf do is all I wanna know! Ooooow a collab by my hitta DJ Whizlam “The King Guillotine” and myself DJ Sunflower “The Mixtape Prima Donna” and we came to give it to you! 59 more words