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The $50,000 blowjob

Mr. Kissinger had been looking for a secretary for roughly four months, when he reached out to a temp agency to inform them of the criteria.   2,155 more words

Bleeding noses and fellatio: the Sambia and sexuality

The Sambia are a people inhabiting remote Papua New Guinea. Little known until the 1970s, they have since become the subject of extensive study by the American anthropologist Gilbert Herdt. 1,787 more words

Historiography And Theory

Some New Story Ideas

Well, it’s been a while, but I’m finally working on a new story.  I’ve mostly been doing non-erotic stories recently, and a few of them are even not that bad, but I feel like I’m just naturally better at erotica.  771 more words


YOLO...go for it

Having been approached by an old “friend”, I’m considering taking him up on an offer to travel to hotlanta with him where we’ll meet a new friend of his for some holiday cheering in the city. 506 more words

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I love the word “fellatio”,
It’s both clinical and salacio,
It’s better by several inches than “oral sex”,
That just sucks.



I have to give a heads up (no pun intended) & warn everyone that this post is very sexual. Read at your own risk.

A couple of days ago, I went to go see K. 2,373 more words


Confide In Me

All of us have secrets and no one lets everything about themselves be known to everyone or even one in particular. We hide our secrets and we even at times hide them from ourselves. 344 more words

Erotic Fantasy Life