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“Life is Moments”

Thank you so much to the lovely Teela Hart (http://teelahart.com/) for nominating me for the ‘Life is Moments’ award. Teela, who does so much when it comes to raising awareness about, and fighting, domestic violence and abuse, is an inspirational soul and always worth reading. 414 more words

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Easter Is Not Named After Ishtar, And Other Truths I Have To Tell You

If there is one thing that drives me absolutely bananas, it’s people spreading misinformation via social media under the guise of “educating”. I’ve seen this happen in several ways – through infographics that twist data in ways that support a conclusion that is ultimately false, or else through “meaningful” quotes falsely attributed to various celebrities, or by cobbling together a few actual facts with statements that are patently untrue to create something that seems plausible on the surface but is, in fact, full of crap. 2,096 more words

nellgriffiths-haynes reblogged this on The Animist's Craft and commented:

It takes a lot for me to reblog something, but this is just perfect. Having watched this meme float about on the internet for a year or two now, I have been frustrated and irritated by it in equal measure. I have a rather soft spot for the goddess Eostre so seeing Easter quite incorrectly attributed to Ishtar is annoying. I don't suppose Ishtar's followers are overly impressed either. Imagine my surprise on hearing that the meme had been posted to Dawkins own Facebook page perpetuating the misinformation to thousands, presumably by his own fair hand, without having stopped to think critically about it. Oh the irony. To me this illustrates precisely what is wrong with Dawkensian Atheism, a polemic against all religion which, when closely examined is actually just informed by Abrahamic Monotheism and usually misinformed at that. As a pagan, I usually find myself baffled and amused by his thinking. Either way, this is a great article from The Belle Jar about something very seasonal, so I though I would share.

Duet of Awards

I am blessed with two more award nominations! Wow! I am very

honored and pleased with this Duet of Awards passed to me.

The first one for the “Wonderful Team Member Readership Award” … 571 more words


Why we blog.. Oh Lidia

Today’s blog marks the last in the current series of Why we blog.. I hope you have enjoyed meeting all of the bloggers who have featured in the series and that you have discovered some new blogs to follow and enjoy. 473 more words

Fellow Bloggers

Why we blog.. The Ravenously Disappearing Woman

A lovely blog today from a lovely very brave lady The Ravenously Disappearing Woman sharing her journey of weight loss and grabbing life and loving it. 337 more words

Fellow Bloggers

Why we blog.. The Seasoned Traveler

Introducing The Seasoned Traveler a blog full of “Recipes and remedies using herbs, spices, and other natural ingredients from the world’s pantry”..

How long have you had your blog? 518 more words

Fellow Bloggers

Beyond The Barriers- Launch

I saw this a little late, for which sincere apologies to Sue Marsh, who wants it shared far and wide.

BEYOND THE BARRIERS – LAUNCH!!!!! 570 more words