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Misty Fly

The lighter evenings make running much more fun. It’s a little safer too – now you can see the many potholes in the roads left by the winter weather. 399 more words


Will Run for Tacos

I decided to try to go for a run on Saturday morning after all.

I was greeted with an amazing sunrise. I don’t think this picture captures how brilliant that pink really was, but it will have to suffice. 219 more words

Made You Look

Hello Soreness my Old Friend

Wow, I wasn’t messing around yesterday when I worked out these poor triceps.

My body is sore today like it hasn’t been in a long time. 289 more words


That Saturday I Didn't Run

Friday I had lunch with one of my favorite people, Midget Wrestler.

I remembered to take a picture of my lunch for you, but totally forgot to take a picture of our happy faces. 412 more words


Friday Five 3.28.2014

Hooray for Friday! I am glad that this week is over, blerg.

Let’s get right into the randomness that is my Friday Five, shall we? 288 more words

Made You Look

Post Race Slump

By now, I’ve done enough races to know that afterwards I hit a funk. For a couple of days after any large race, I sit around and usually wonder what I could have done differently and question the choices that I made. 372 more words


Longer and stronger

With the days growing longer and the sun growing stronger, it’s a joy running at the moment. Soon, the evening runs will be in daylight, which opens up a much wider variety of routes to choose from. 456 more words