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Governor's new policy could give more Virginians the chance to restore voting rights sooner

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) — Governor Terry McAuliffe is working on making restoring voting rights easier on some felons who have served prison time.

Governor McAuliffe says the new policy will allow more Virginian offenders to have voting rights restored sooner than they can be currently, through a new process that is both more ‘transparent and responsive.’ 66 more words


Felon of the Month: Jose Mujica

Jose Mujica is the president of Uruguay. He’s also ex-con. In America, his isn’t a name that makes the news every day — but it probably should because he’s done some really cool things, both in his life and in his presidency.  330 more words

Jails And Prisons

AMY'S BAKING COMPANY REDUX-Have U noticed how much Rocky Horror Show character FRANK N FUTER looks like Amy?

RAMSEY’S KITCHEN NIGHTMARES was conducted from the lobby of his HELL’S KITCHEN LOCATION IN LOS ANGELES. He was talking for an hour about the redux (visit) to ABC – Amy’s Baking Company where he walked out of two years ago after a day of him trying to help THEIR RESTAURANT. 345 more words

Just Saying

We’re all just inmates here…

I work with convicted felons. Every day. All women, and nearly all incarcerated for a drug or drug-related offense. I hear every story imaginable and try to always remember: grain of salt. 1,046 more words

Felons and jobs

Yeah, it’s a bitch; being a felon and getting scrutinized every time one applies for a job.

Right after my conviction, my current employer fired me, so I went to college and got a part time job fixing lawn mowers. 331 more words

Dems split on restoring felons voting rights

Liberal Democrats who are not facing tough re-elections this year say it’s the right thing to do, but vulnerable incumbents are steering clear of the proposal. 809 more words