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Hair of Waves

Working on a project to illustrate Edgar Allan Poe’s poem Annabel Lee using felt upon knitted squares. This idea is that she is part of the ocean.


Oh Happy Day III

I finally had a puppy!  A real-life puppy.  I could do so many new things with a new pet.  I could play fetch with him; love him; give him too many treats; and be able to go to the dog park. 55 more words


Oh Happy Day II

All of the sudden I notice my dad.  He’s walking in through the door, my mom is right beside him.

He looks at me with that fatherly grin.   48 more words


Oh Happy Day I

There I was, sitting by myself in the living room, feeling like a piece of myself was missing.  I wanted something more, and something new. 55 more words



As I worked on creating mystory, I thought I would never be able to connect my family and entertainment stories. I found it so difficult to find a memory–or set of memories–that clicked, to which I could truly connect. 213 more words


My Learning Process (Thus Far)

(1) What was the experience during the composition (describe your learning process)?

At first, this compilation of memories and ideas in my head came faster than I could analyze. 290 more words


F2F with Flex and Bison ;)


Today, I started studying about flex and bison . Flex was easy as we studied it last semester only, even bison was very much similar to yacc. 96 more words