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The Felted Family

This is the Felted Family. They are Violet, a purple mouse, Goldie, an orange cat, Magenta, a pink rabbit, and Indigo, a blue squirrel. Magenta and Indigo are the mother and father, and Violet and Goldie are the children. 15 more words


Amazing Gnomes LOGO debut!

As an artist, I have done many things to make a living over the years, from backdrop to mural painting, costume design, hand painting numbers on arena seats, even painted a towns fire-hydrants to look like little tonka toy people… the list is long…  I have occasionally  been paid for my graphic design work – something I love and love to not to do for a living… if you understand my meaning. 92 more words


Something for everyone to knit!

As I learned from my New Year’s stats, many people from Ravelry find their way to this blog.  So I’m going to assume there’s a sizeable percentage of you that know how to knit/crochet.   268 more words

Here's the follow-up video about how I make my dryer balls!

I know I promised to do a video of me making dryer balls, but when I get hella busy, I don’t do much blogging or video recording. 180 more words

Fiber Art

Hand Felted Playscape

It is with great pleasure to showcase today my newest hand felted creation, the first of many to come, the Felted Playscape for amazing gnomes and friends. 196 more words