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What’s Really Going On?

Those of us who are citizens of the United States of America who were taught in the true history of this country and it’s founding and the meaning of the values and rights afforded to its citizens are of late shell shocked at what we have learned is really going on in government.  2,194 more words

Seven Assertions

People Concerned About FEMA Camps, Communism or Agenda 21 Named 'Potential Terrorists' by U.S. Government

By Daniel Barker – Natural News

(NaturalNews) The United States was founded upon certain important principles — one of which guarantees its citizens the right to free speech. 625 more words

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Martial law is coming (15:54)

“The end of the world is nigh, bri.”

From the movie Naked

See an empire descend into its age of chaos and meltdown.

You possibly will want to refurbish your aluminum foil supply after watching this. 50 more words


FEMA Camps, New York Prisons, and the Almighty Dollar

Nate Granzow, author of The Scorpion’s Nest, Hekura, and Cogar’s Revolt, asked for my take on this interesting conspiracy theory from July of 2014 in the state of New York.  903 more words


Whatever Is Going to Happen, Is Going to Happen Soon

My email and phone have been busy taking reports from long-time associates and their uniform stories about what is coming to American in 2015.  I have never seen a time when so many are all talking about the same set of issues.   1,222 more words


We've Heard About FEMA Camps for Years...


I don’t know but perhaps there is a mind control and programming facility in operation there; a Room 101 sort of thing. Whatever goes on, I highly doubt it is a good thing. 40 more words

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