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The Army’s Plan for Martial Law Carried Out Under UN Authority

Since February of 2014, I have written about a series of planned actions, on the part of the US Army which would give them martial law power over the people of the United States. 2,735 more words


Obama Signs Executive Order to Allow Detention of Americans With ‘Respiratory Illnesses’

Amendment comes in wake of Ebola scare

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
August 1, 2014

As the Ebola outbreak continues to cause concern, President Barack Obama has signed an amendment to an executive order that would allow him to mandate the apprehension and detention of Americans who merely show signs of “respiratory illness.”

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Ebola Outbreak Can Lead to Gun Confiscations, Martial Law


Police State Checkpoint. Several Coming to a Neighborhood Near You. The Obama administration is perpetrating the conditions required for a government-declared crisis. Image Credits: Public domain… 601 more words

Ebola Quarentine Centers setup (2:20)

Meanwhile, scores of illegal immigrants are poring through the US / Mexican border. Perfect Ebola delivery system.

▶ Ebola Quarentine Centers setup =USA – YouTube.


Prepping For Fatalities: Ebola Executive Order – Massive Drill In NY – FEMA Coffins? (Video)

(N.Morgan) The recent outbreak of Ebola is beginning to cause a world wide panic. Enough panic, in fact, that the Obama Regime has issued Executive Orders to detain anyone exhibiting said symptoms of the Ebola Virus. 399 more words

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