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ETS' Better Half! A look at the Elite Female Athletes this year!

This week, Team ETS takes a closer look at the Female Athletes that ALL train and compete at the highest level in their respective sport. ETS has a very broad range of female athletes from many walks of athletic life! 920 more words


The best volleyball conference keeps getting better

Is it possible?

Could the nation’s best NCAA volleyball conference be getting better?

The Big Ten conference not only is dominating on the court the past few years, but the recruiting returns suggest that such dominance is likely to not only to continue, but expand. 756 more words

Female Athletes

Miracle Murielle leads Hokie soccer push

If you watch Murielle Tiernan excel on the soccer fields of the Atlantic Coast Conference, you would never guess the obstacle she overcomes on a daily basis. 880 more words

Female Athletes

The Fine Line Between Muscles and Masculinity

For a college or professional athlete, there is no escaping the weight room. It is an essential ingredient in the recipe for athletic success when competing at a high level. 723 more words

Women's Sports

Qatar Women Protest the Asian Games

The Qatar women’s basketball team withdrew from the Asian Games on September twenty fifth after they were told they were not allowed to wear their Muslim headscarves while competing. 227 more words


Tennis Star Anna Kournikova Aces Facebook Again [PICS]

In addition to being a tennis champion, Anna Kournikova also has an epic Facebook following–and we’re thinking that a lot of guys following her Facebook… 143 more words