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Today was Not Leg Day

It was also not arm day or ab day. Or cardio day. Or much of anything day. Except maybe Facebook day. Again.

I keep making promises to myself (to work out, eat better, do yoga, read a book, switch my clothes from the washer to the dryer) with this Tough Mudder approaching, and this cartoon perfectly sums up my daily (non) progress, especially over the past week. 490 more words


Big Women Are Not Men!

Women come in all sizes, just like men come in all sizes. Women and men of all sizes train jiu-jitsu. Being a small man in BJJ is awesome. 311 more words

Women's BJJ

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I didn't get to write a blurb on this but will make it short. All women deal with body issues but the most disheartening one is when someone's efforts are discredited because of the way she looks. It upsets me when I read the comments about Gabi Garcia from both men and women. She is successful in her sport because of the years of training she put in for it, not because she uses all her strength to beat ladies much smaller than her and this is usually in the open division. It also discredits the women she is put up against saying that they couldn't beat her because she is smaller. There are plenty of times when the reverse happens and we are all praising the efforts of the little one. In the past few months Gabi has done a lot and changed her appearance looking incredibly fit and lean. This is not to say that she has done so because of all the negative comments - I mean what are you meant to do when people call you a man and are apparently on steroids?! I'll tell you what you do.. you say fuck you haters I'm awesome at what you do and I'm going to keep being awesome!

Sports Journalists Astounded To Discover That Women Menstruate

Sports journalists across the world have been flabbergasted to uncover the shocking truth – female athletes menstruate. The shocking news broke out when English tennis player Heather Watson blamed her first-round loss in the Australian Open on her match coinciding with her menstrual cycle. 152 more words

The UnAustralian

Confidence & Competence: Perception vs Reality

I have been thinking a lot about confidence lately, in the context of my own training. I go through cycles of feeling like I’m making great progress and solving problems, interspersed with cycles where it feels like I have run into a wall and am doing the “wrong” thing over and over again. 1,135 more words

Motivation & Inspiration

Silence is Broken

Our apologies that we have been out of action for the past week, but there was a glitch with our website which lead to it disappearing for a few days. 195 more words


The big question about the 2015 WNBA Draft

A WNBA organization that is looking to the 2015 Draft for a franchise-altering player might find itself a little, well, disappointed.

That’s because this year’s crop of top college talent is considered weak, at least as far as its potential for impact in the professional league. 868 more words

Female Athletes

La Course d’Jour: Women’s Cycling

The Tour de France is the pinnacle of cycling. The race takes most of a month to complete, and it sees competitors cross through incredible tracts of terrain, through the UK and France, in a series of stages. 640 more words