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I found out about Inktober almost halfway through.  Shame on me.

Inktober is an initiative set up by artist Jake Parker in 2009 to improve his own drawing skills which has grown into an international phenomena or artists posting cool things and sharing it on various social media outlets.   23 more words

3D Modeling Update

So here is my lovely child. This is Zurka, the main character for the game my game design class is woking on. I did download a really basic base mesh, but the rest of her I sculptured myself. 61 more words


Is the Conjuring Misogynistic?

Short answer: no.

Longer answer: While reading a review of Annabelle in the Boston Globe, I came across an unfamiliar accusation. Peter Keough opened his critique with the following: 1,102 more words


Chapter Six: Contract

“By the way, Miss Annie-“


“Apologies. Miss Abby, have you signed the required contract with Durant & Dietrich yet?”

“Not yet, I barely agreed to work here last night, and I just got in about half an hour ago.” 1,328 more words


Chapter Six

“How’d it go?” Sam asked, leaning nonchalantly against the door frame of his office.

Alex jumped. He should have known his boss was there, but the creepy bastard had done it again. 586 more words

Female Character

Waste of a good Rogue

The women in comics tend to hit my peeves in particular. It seems to me that many of them are just there for the sake of having a female in the plot. 512 more words


Chapter Five

After getting to tour the main building for guests, the offices, the clinic, and all the outbuildings, it was finally the time that Josh could tell Sierra had been looking forward to the most. 1,259 more words

Female Character