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"All Wash Out" Music Video: Film Fest Selection

Our last Shooting The Arrow meeting consisted of putting on a film fest for ourselves.   As promised, we’re sharing the selections along with a few words about each short. 499 more words

Shooting The Arrow

Bow ties, are sexy!!

              “Bow ties, are Sexy!!”

Did you know that currently there are 865 million women in labor? And that 24% of those women are working in senior management?

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First trailer for UNBROKEN hits

Test Post – There’s a lot of chatter in Hollywood these days about using more female voices in the creative process in Hollywood.  And while there are some quite well known female directors in Hollywood (where did you end up putting that Oscar, Kathryn Bigelow?), none are really the type of well-known figures that Joe Midwest would know their name instantly. 166 more words

Angelina Jolie

Getting Grants!

So proud to announce that our very own member, Christine Yuan, received a $2500 grant from Creative District  (a networking site for filmmakers backed by Technicolor) f or the short she’s directing,  DIYU. 108 more words

Shooting The Arrow

Essential Films (pt. 1)

Kathryn Bigelow, Sofia Coppola, Julie Delpy, Maya Deren, and Agnes Varda are just some of the female directors who have gifted film students and cineastes alike with essential viewings.


Dys- Spreads!

A crazy rash of mosquito bites has me feeling itchy all over – and pretty sure something unworldly is attacking my body. I’ve tried to shrug it off, but the potent new trailer for Maude Michaud’s upcoming Dys- has me wondering if I might have reason to fear. 94 more words


21st Century Fox's Mentoring Program for Female Directors

By: Denishea Bright

Variety reports that the Fox Global Directors Initiative will help to bring forth female directors who are overshadowed by the many men directors. 87 more words