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5 Reasons Girls Get Obsessed With Each Other

Yes, yes. I’m generalizing here, and only speaking on behalf of women who identify as straight. That’s my disclaimer. Still feel free to yell at me though. 682 more words

Thank You For (not) Being A Friend

So … I’ve been wanting to write this post for a little while & something has caused me to hesitate.  I think it’s difficult to acknowledge that I’m no longer friends with a couple of people whom I had considered to be like sisters to me.   825 more words

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Are Women Smarter Then Men?

The seven minute video story at the bottom, about a group of friends in Chile, is a true joy. Do yourself a favor and start your week with it.  230 more words


Out With The Beauty Pageant Attitude

Now this is one of the rare topics where I discriminate against women. Before the women rage and remind me that I am one of them, and the men rejoice over a plus one on their team, you will need to hear out my short rant. 644 more words


17 Ways Your Hair Stylist Is Better Than Your Therapist

1. They know every detail of a very sacred and visible part of your body – your hair and you head. They can tell when you’ve not been taking enough care of either, and always know how to remedy that situation. 558 more words

The Beauty Party

It was a week after I returned from my lengthy vacation in the States, my luxurious escape from reality. Now that I was back in Toronto I had to face my life issues again: namely, where would I work? 615 more words

The Non-Adventures Of A Navel-Gazer

Kernels of Nonsense, #9: Girl-on-Girl Hate

Kernels of Nonsense is a bi-monthly feature here on my blog where I share my thoughts on various book-related topics. This week I will be discussing my heavy distaste for girl-on-girl hate in literature. 817 more words

Kernels Of Nonsense