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The 7 Girlfriends You Will Need To Get Through Your Twenties

1. The “Mom” Girlfriend

While mothers are pretty cool and I’ll always consider mine my closest friend, I will also always have enough respect for my mother to treat her first and foremost as a parent. 692 more words

I May Never Have Kids & I Need to Be Ok With That

Guest Post By: Anonymous with intro by Her 30’s


As a woman in her thirties, the topic of children comes up a great deal, though not in the conventional way. 519 more words

Being 30

In Defense of Taylor Swift's Female Friendship Renaissance

Taylor Swift graces the cover of Rolling Stone once again this week, and the most striking thing about the Josh Eels-penned profile is its focus on Swift’s female friendships, as opposed to her previously active, now dormant dating life. 834 more words


Female Artists

Women seeking women interested in art shows and design. Ladies comment below with your first name, a little about yourself, general area you are from, and what kind of art interests you.

Female Seeking Female Friendship

Female Craft Buddies

Are you a woman looking for a female friend who loves to do crafts like scrapbooking, quilting, homemade gifts, etc? Comment below with you first name, a little about yourself, general location, and what craft(s) you like to do. 

Female Seeking Female Friendship

“I’m too old for this $#!^”

It was the day after the super moon phenomenon of 2014 and a group of thirty something friends sat around the patio completely satiated. Homemade Mexican food had been served and devoured and all wore beer induced grins. 377 more words

Being Thirty