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17 Ways Your Hair Stylist Is Better Than Your Therapist

1. They know every detail of a very sacred and visible part of your body – your hair and you head. They can tell when you’ve not been taking enough care of either, and always know how to remedy that situation. 558 more words

The Beauty Party

It was a week after I returned from my lengthy vacation in the States, my luxurious escape from reality. Now that I was back in Toronto I had to face my life issues again: namely, where would I work? 615 more words

The Non-Adventures Of A Navel-Gazer

Kernels of Nonsense, #9: Girl-on-Girl Hate

Kernels of Nonsense is a bi-monthly feature here on my blog where I share my thoughts on various book-related topics. This week I will be discussing my heavy distaste for girl-on-girl hate in literature. 817 more words

Kernels Of Nonsense

7 Weird Secrets Girls Can Only Tell Their Best Friends

1. Weird hookup stories that resulted in mortifying moments for everyone involved. Whether it’s a dude unsuccessfully trying to pull a move he saw in a porn once or a terrible noise in the middle of the act, these secret stories are shared amongst best friends until they become one word inside jokes. 821 more words

30-Something Friendship- An Email Call to Arms

Guest Post/Email by: Jamie Padilla

I am on a plane returning home from an invigorating conference I was very privileged to attend in Montreal. Given that it’s a long flight and that I’ve been trying to stave off what I suspect was an oncoming hangover by applying a little “hair of the dog…”, I’m in a super reflectionary mode. 570 more words

Being 30

In Praise of Women

By Diana Gee

For the life of me, I cannot stomach watching shows like The Real Housewives of Some North-American City. I find them odious and glorifying the worst in human relationships. 832 more words


The 7 Girlfriends You Will Need To Get Through Your Twenties

1. The “Mom” Girlfriend

While mothers are pretty cool and I’ll always consider mine my closest friend, I will also always have enough respect for my mother to treat her first and foremost as a parent. 692 more words