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Single Girl Problems: Third Wheel to No Wheel

After high school I had a few set of friends. I had my childhood friends, my friends that I met through others or at events, or the friends that I like to refer to as my Sex and the City gals. 722 more words

Chronicles Of Little Ms. Red

Femme Friend Tales: female friendship on screen

By Becky Matthews

The BFI recently shared this lovely set of photographs of the friendship between Janet Leigh and Elizabeth Taylor. Two screen legends, at the height of their fame in an era where Hollywood and the media in general loved to stir up rivalry between leading women. 978 more words


A Week in Duck

Wining and dining with ladies from BU College of Communication

Spring break- an entire week of freedom from timely responsibility. Spring break – an excuse to eat all the food in sight because #vacation. 596 more words

Meals With Friends

#beachreads part three: Code Name Verity

When I told my coworker I was going to read Code Name Verity on the beach, she said “As long as you’re okay with crying on the beach.”  673 more words

21st Century Literature

A Friendship Between College Girls Is Grander And More Dramatic Than Any Romance

Of all the breakups I’ve had, the saddest and hardest to get over is the one with my platonic girlfriends.

Before I go on, I should clarify by saying that, by any reasonable measure, my girlfriends and I are still close. 713 more words

One Good Thing

Written by Michelle

I. Can’t. Stand. Her!

His book bag flew across the table as his boisterous rant took flight. Two seconds after stepping through the door, I was welcomed with a fast-paced outpour of accounts that packed his event-filled elementary school day. 532 more words