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Breaking the cycle to end gender-based violence

I am one of the lucky ones.

Every morning, I wake up excited to attend another day of school. At school, I have an opportunity to learn new things, enjoy my lessons and participate in new activities. 542 more words

Gender Equality

Pampered Yalie Atheists Castigate Genital Mutilation Victim

When Ayaan Hiri Ali, the outspoken survivor of childhood Islam, was invited to lecture at Yale University, the ensuing Muslim apoplexy was easily predicted. Less expected was the campus Atheists’ retreat into mealy-mouthed Ivy League hand-wringing at the first sign of “offense.” Quoth the entitled puberteens living in gothic castle dormitories: 77 more words


A Disgusting Practice: Female Genital Mutilation

By E. Jeffrey Ludwig

….The cutting of the clitoris of girls is intended to curb their sexual desire and preserve their sexual honor before marriage.  The practice has a tremendous cost: many girls bleed to death or die of infection.  371 more words


Shame, stigma and silence allows FGM to continue: activist Khadija Gbla.

Khadija Gbla, Director of No FGM Australia, is a 26 year old Australian campaigning against female genital mutilation. Born in Sierra Leone. Her family sought refuge in Australia in 2001 after enduring a thirteen-year civil war within her homeland. 2,517 more words



I was born beautiful

With an added original for a purpose

Man thought they were not enough

There was the mouth

Ears, nose and you know what… 123 more words


Female Genital Mutilation

Today female genital mutilation has hit headlines with a surge of protest against the act, and those who practise it. Religious leaders have taken various standings on the issue; yet many believe that holds no meaning in terms of religion. 747 more words


It's time to talk about FGM

If any of you know me at all you will know that I am somewhat of an advocate for the abolishment of FGM and the prosecution of its practitioners. 366 more words